Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and iPad or iPod Touch

Apple store offers versatile apps to its users. The usage and interface of those apps have always surprised its users.

In that context, here we are about to discuss one such facility and app available in apple store.

Everyone of us do love clicking pictures of us.We take extra effort to look good and attractive.

The “pre” photo capture checklist includes :

  • Your outfit.
  • Location.
  • Climate.
  • Sunlight.
  • Backdrop.

You would love to enhance your look after clicking a picture. Here come’s the challenge.

  • Sometimes, the available filters wouldn’t be enough.
  • Even after using lots of effects, the desired look does not turn out.

With the booming rise in the trend of instagram and snapchat , who wouldnt love to look good in their pictures ?

People take extra care and effort about their looks. Image editing, styling is one of the popular activity among users.

Even though iOS doesn’t offer inbuilt feature to enhance your pictures, Apple store is there to help.

For people, who love to click pictures, Apple store has a lot of unique photo editing apps. Those apps are loaded with vibrant filters and enriched editing tools.

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Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and iPad

Which one is the best among those ? We are here to answer that question. Depending upon the difficulty level and features, we have picked the “Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and iPad or iPod Touch”.


The famous “Adobe Photoshop” implemented in your iOS device. It works as a handy Photoshop app for iPhone free image editing tool. With easy to use interface, this app will never disappoint you.


  • You can adjust image contrast, exposure and brightness.

  • Add frames and borders to your pictures.

  • Allows you to blur the background and add some glare to your image.


  • Touch friendly best Photoshop app to look skinny.
  • Wide options of filters are available for users.
  • This app has the feature of  Automatic color optimization

One of the reliable and free app. You can save the image to your device or share it to Facebook. The good range of tools helps in achieving stunning look to the picture.

Find this app here.


It is a paid app available in the apple store. It works on the physical appearance of the person in the picture.


  • Helps in retouching portraits and personal images.
  • You can easily remove unwanted blemishes and dark circles.
  • Makes your skin and texture look great.
  • Artistic touches helps your photo look glamorous.
  • The customizable filters bring out incredible output.

It is one of the popular and widely used app as on 2016.You can share your final image on any of the social media platforms.

Find this app here.


A free best Photoshop app for selfies that containing 600 plus instant effects.All the filters and effects are categorized for easy use.It is a cloud based editing app.


  • You can collect all your pictures and combine as a college.
  • Automatic face detection adds more fun.
  • The photo realistic features allows you to insert a image to a ancient book or a dollar bill.
  • The impressive filters makes your picture look vivid.
  • New filters fill your menu on regular basis.
  • They have a suggestion box for the users to drop in their views.
  • You can do the basic edit like rotate and crop a image.

Find this app here.


An Advanced version of a camera app.People prefer this app to the normal camera app available in iOS.



  • You can try your hands on vast editing tools.
  • Allows you to set exposure separately from focus.
  • You can control the darkness of the picture.
  • It provides up to 6x zoom without any damage to the quality.

  • Advanced digital processing technology is available.
  • Front flash enables capturing in a dark room.

It is a paid app.With the wide technological features , it is worth the money.

Find this app here.


A quick and dynamic Photoshop app for iPad known for its high quality graphic design. You can add as many filters as you want to a single picture. It is available for free.


  • The app has 21 editing tools and 42 filters.
  • Offers 54 custom made light effects.
  • You can use transparency and blur easily.
  • Has a undo/redo feature.
  • It supports high resolution output.
  • Allows you to add , edit and delete geo location.
  • You can make use of 260 unique shapes and typography.
  • Allows sharing your picture to any of the social media platform.

Find this app here.

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For iPhone users , there will not be any need for extra editing apps when compared to other users. There will be difference between what our eye sees with that of camera lens. This gap is filled by the above mentioned apps. The quality of the image iPhone camera is enhanced as we want. By making maximum use of these above mentioned best free photo apps for iPad and iPhone , you can create incredible images.

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