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The photo and videos are very vital these days. It is indeed true that “Action speaks louder than words”; with the social media integration and influence in the recent days everyone wants to have the photo and video apps to be cool and suave. The best photo and videos can go unnoticed if it is not actually used with a cool app. These apps are not meant only for editing but also for various other purposes like sharing, effect addition or even feature addition. There are plenty of different apps present and available in the market, however one can’t buy or try all these since some of them might be not worthy. Here are few best photo and video apps that will help in effective usage for all your photo and video needs.

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  1. Instagram:

Instagram App is an online photo and video sharing app that has social networking service enabled for its users to take pictures and videos and share them after applying digital filters to them. This can be shared on a diversity of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and even Flickr. This gives a complete social media sharing option. One of the strikingly important features of the Instagram is that the fact that it confines any photo to a square shape which will be similar to the Kodak Instamatic and Polaroid images. This is in contrast to the 16:9 conventional aspect ratios which are now typically used by all mobile device cameras.


  1. Pixable:

Pixable is primarily a photo and video discovery app that can be used for viewing application over the web, Android, iPhone, and iPad. The app cumulates all the photos that are available for each user from their Facebook network and even other social networks like Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, and other content sites. This also organizes your photos and videos into different and diverse feeds like “Photos you liked”, “Photos of Celebrities”, “Today in the News”, “Best of the Day”, or “New Shared Videos.” Additionally we can add a video category which will collect YouTube, Vimeo, and other native Facebook videos that are shared on the net by users on users’ network. This also ranks and organizes the videos into feeds. This gets linked to Twitter, the app will update and also displays the photo timeline from Twitter stream from user.


  1. YouTube:

The YouTube by itself doesn’t need much introduction or any other description since the name says it all. The YouTube is a video website that is now available as an app to all the top operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows, and BBM. This app is an excellent one that has all the amazing video sharing options and features. This is one of the old as well as efficient video sharing apps.


  1. Seene App – iOS:

Seene App is a complete entertainer app for the users. This app is based out only for the iOS based devices like iPad, iPhone. The other apps mentioned above are available on various operating systems. This Seene app is a different kind of photo app wherein you can have a 3D feel of your photo with a jaw-dropping look. This will change the simple iPhone to almost a mesmerizing 3D Scanner. This is yet another must have photo app.


Apart from these noteworthy 4 apps there are few other apps that are really good for a photo or video sharing and editing. They worth a mention; they are Camera Awesome, 8mm Vintage Camera, Adobe Photoshop Express, Repix, FaceTune.

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