Push notifications have been one of the best things to happen to phones, drastically revolutionizing communication in daily life. But every new version of Android – even the same version on another device – brings with it a host of new changes to the way notifications are viewed and handled and a new bundle of woes to users to were accustomed to the older version.

Your smart phone really could be smarter and we found these 10 apps that will definitely make your phone top of the class at handling notifications and making your life just a tad bit easier.

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Best Android Apps for Smarter Notifications

1. APUS Message Center – Intelligent Management

You can view all your messages on one app – from WhatsApp to Instagram to Tinder, emails and even missed calls – for maximum convenience, efficiency and organization.

Its features include home-screen pop-up bubbles, lock screen notifications, an anti-spam SMS filter and bulk operations so you can delete anything you need to at one go. You can also pin up often used contacts and group and sort all messages. Quick reply – from the pop-up itself – is offered for WhatsApp and SMS-ing.

Get it here.

2.  Heads-Up Notifications

Mimics the best notification bar.It displays the latest notification as a floating popup, complete with full text and quick actions. When you get a message, Heads-up even turns the screen on if you take your phone out of your pocket, which can be very convenient if your phone is on silent.

Heads-up also offers privacy on the lock screen, extensive customization and prioritization. You can even block notifications for the current app, which is handy while playing games.

You can get it here.

P.S: Heads-up is open-source, licensed under the GNU General Public License,
meaning you can make your very own version of Heads-up as long as i
t’s open- source too!

3. AcDisplay

If you’re just looking for something simple to declutter, then AcDisplay is the app for you. It offers a minimalistic, gorgeous lock screen with tiny notification icons and you can either swipe down to dismiss a notification or swipe up to unlock.

You can press and hold a notification to read it.  It has features like blacklist,  dynamic background and

low-priority notifications. Your phone’s accelerometer is used to detect when to switch the lock screen
on and off (for when it’s in your pocket).

Get it here.

4. DynamicNotifications

This app focuses on making your locked device more productive with tweaks that let you jump directly into certain apps from the lock screen if you’re on newer versions of Android. It is a must try if you thought Active Notifications introduced on Moto X was rad.

When a new notification is received, the display lights up to let you know. You don’t even have to unlock your phone as you can customize the app to show you a short preview of the message or caller info.

You can choose which apps you’d like to receive notifications for and make custom changes like changing colors and adding a background image.

An added plus is that notifications don’t light up when your phone is in your pocket/bag or
face down, to avoid accidental unlocks.

There are some bugs with the motion sensor and fingerprint sensor and make sure to enable
“Use as lock-screen” on certain devices.

Get it here.


5. Echo Notification Lockscreen

With this minimalistic and best notification sound app for android, you can view complete notifications on your lock screen and make some order out of all the notifications’ chaos.

Set your own background, categorize your notifications (Work, Social, College etc.,) or they can be auto sorted, set reminders for a later time, change songs and set a security pattern. The “Priority” category is filled over time based on the notifications you open most often.

Available here.

6. Smart Notify – SMS, Calls and Notifications

Although Smart Notify looks basic it seems to work well for its users as a competent, feature-rich call, SMS and notifications manager. It offers pop-up window notification with reminder for SMS, calls and events. It supports apps like WhatsApp, Google+ and Facebook. Any pending calls or SMS are displayed.

You can choose LED flash for incoming calls or SMS if your phone is on silent.

It notifies you when your battery is fully charged, when Wi-Fi signal is lost or detected and when phone is unplugged from charging.

Another great feature is Smart Vibrations if you have a new message or a missed call, your phone vibrates or display turns on when removed from your pocket.
Here’s another plus, you can mute ringing by covering your phone or putting it face down will mute the ringer and stop vibration, if your phone’s proximity sensor functions well.

Smart Notify also lets you add SMS or missed calls to your calendar.

You can also block unwanted calls and text messages and reject calls from hidden numbers.

Get it here.


 7. Shouter – Notification Reader

 Shout out to the Shouter app, developed in Kerala, that does exactly what it says – it reads or “shouts” notifications out loud! This is especially useful when you’re driving or busy with something involving both hands – like painting or cleaning up or if you only have time for the most imperative of news.

It reads out the caller’s name when you get a call, reads messages out loud and lets you know when you have a missed call. Options are provided to select only certain apps, shout only the app’s name, disable message reading for unknown numbers, read message content and repeat announcements.

There are also options to enable shouting only if headphone is connected or if the screen is off.

You can set silent hours and shake to mute.

Get Shouter here.

P.S:  Battery state announcement and voice reminder features are to be implemented soon.


8. Floatify Lockscreen 

This is an efficient, well-developed floating notification center app that also functions on the lock screen, much like Echo. It comes with great features like QuickReply so you can send messages directly from the notification, DirectReply which lets you send predefined messages like “Ok, thanks!” without even typing and Smart Wake turns on the screen as soon as you pick up your phone.

You can set customized tones for each app if you want to, block notification pop-ups for games and other apps, control music and it even marks messages (WhatsApp) as read from the lockscreen! It won’t work on the upcoming Android O though.


Get Floatify here.


9. Horntell – Smart Notifications

Horntell is another app focused on productivity, like Dynamic Notifications, aided by smart notifications. It collects and arranges all your chats from WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts and SMS into conversations that you can reply to from the notifications themselves.

You can snooze notifications until you’re ready to view them and you can even set different snooze times for different notifications.

You can set hidden apps so that notifications from these will stay separate from the important ones until you are free and patient enough to check them.

Get it here!

P.S: Horntell-Smart Notifications is from a Gurgaon-based startup called Horntell, that is building a unified platform to use any app or website through only one feed holding small notifications. The app originally started out as a Chrome extension.

10. Desktop Notifications 

This super-convenient app lets you receive Android notifications in your browser.
Instead of checking notifications directly on your phone, you can check them on your laptop/desktop while working on a project or binge-watching a new show on Amazon Prime. It also lets you view your notifications on other Android devices, like your tablet.

Install the Firefox add-on or Chrome extension after installing the app and you’re good to go.



Get the app
here today, free!
Google Chrome Extension
Mozilla Firefox add-on here



  • Talking Notification Girl – if you aren’t looking for efficiency and don’t mind something that doesn’t look very advanced, this buggy app can be quite fun.
  • Bar Launcher – lets you launch your favorite apps from the notification area!
  • Notification Peek – also resembles Moto X’s Active Notifications, you can download the apk here.
  • Megasoundset different sounds for different notifications. This could have been the easiest way to organize your notifications but this app has turned
    buggy for most users now.
  • Flashlight Notificationalerts you through your phone flashlight, which can be discreet and preferable during meetings, if your phone is in your pocket.
    But the app can be buggy and has many ads.
  • Notifications Toggle with all the changes Android O is supposed to bring, you might just want a simple option like KitKat had. With this app, you are given 2 lines in the pull-down bar and can choose the toggles and apps you want to appear there.

What do you think of these apps? Do you have any recommendations? Share in the comments!

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