Best Mobile Office Apps to View and Edit Documents on Android

It is pretty rare when we find ourselves wanting to do some serious office work on our mobile phones. And when we do we also find ourselves surfing through the play store looking for the best office app. There are many such apps available on the play store. Bloggers,students,journalist or a project manager being able to create and edit our documents on the go has become a necessity. Having an office application on your phone also saves you from the hassle of having to open your laptop every time. So I have listed 5 of the best Office apps available for android users in this article :

5 Mobile Office Apps to View and Edit Documents on Android

1.Google Drive (And Company)

With a 4.4 star rating and more than One Billion downloads Google drive is easily one of the most popular and used office apps on google play. Google Drive is more of a safe locker for all your files which puts them within reach from any smart phone,tablet, or computer. It is the suite of apps by google that makes Google Drive one of the best office apps. Namely Google Docs,PDF Viewer,Google Sheets and Google Slides. Google Docs helps you create and edit all your document files on the go,even offline. PDF Viewer,as obvious helps in viewing PDF files on your Android along with features such as Print,Search and Copy. Google Sheets is another well designed app to create and edit spreadsheets. And Google Slides is for creating and editing presentations.

These Google apps are equipped with a ton of cool and useful features. For Example : All your work is automatically saved as you type. This reduces the chances of losing any progress. Also super clean and easy User Interface. You can also collaborate with your friends and colleagues to work on the same project. This combined with 15GB of free storage provided by Google Drive makes Google’s pack of office apps a favorite among many Android users. In addition to documents Drive also lets users to share other kinds of files like pictures,videos,etc. The drive storage can be bumped (increased) if needed inexpensively.

The only con being users will find themselves shuffling through 5 different apps to get their office work done. Nonetheless,Google’s suite of office apps are an excellent choice with several useful advantages along with compatibility with Microsoft Office formats. Speaking of which…

2. Microsoft Office (Microsoft office app for android)

If you are one of those people who have edited docs on a computer for most part of their lives then Microsoft Office is what you should go for. Microsoft sure took its time in blessing Android users with their suite of office apps. But nevertheless they were worth the wait. Microsoft announced Word,Excel and Powerpoint for android tablets in January 2015 and made them available for all android platforms in June same year.

Like Google,Microsoft has offered three different apps so you can install the ones you need. All three of them have a similar clean interface and consist of all the basic functionalities free. Although advanced features can be unlocked via an Office 365 subscription which starts at $6.99/month. Also the Microsoft office apps come with support for OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and Sharepoint. Using Onedrive you can sync all your files between your PC and mobile devices.

Along with the basic office apps, Microsoft also has OneNote and Office Lens. The use of OneNote is self-explanatory,it is a note taking application. Office lens is a pocket scanner that turns images into documents. You can use Office Lens to convert a piece of A4 paper into a PDF or a Word file just by pointing your camera at it.

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3. WPS Office

WPS Office was once known as Kingsoft Office. Despite being renamed, WPS remains one of the most downloaded and highly rated office application on Google Play. Unlike Google and Microsoft,WPS let’s you do all you work from a Single App. The application includes all the basic features for editing and creating presentations, excel sheets, PDFs and word documents. It also has a Desktop Client to go with it.

WPS has a beautiful material design with a multi window functionality which makes it easier to edit multiple files on the go. WPS’s writer,spreadsheets and presentation have excellent compatibility with Microsoft Office along with support for about 51 languages. With added cloud integration for Google Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive, Box paired with Wireless Printing,WPS happens to be my personal go to Office app.

Oh and did I mention WPS is less than 35 megabytes? Shocking? I know right? Although you might notice a few Ads pop up now and then while using it. And unfortunately there is no way to get rid of the occasional advertisements. In conclusion, WPS is a Solid and Lightweight and fast office alternative for Google and MS Office Apps.

4. Polaris Office

Polaris is another great premium office app available on the google play store. Very much like WPS, you don’t have to download multiple apps but everything is packed inside a single Polaris application. Like every other name on this list it supports Microsoft Office formats and comes with a built-in PDF viewer.

There are a couple of features that sets Polaris apart. Polaris is Chromecast enabled which means you can instantly beam your work on a big screen nearby. Also it comes equipped with a function that turns handwriting into text along with support for 15 languages and it is own personal cloud service (Polaris Drive). All of this weighs just about 50 MB.

You can get rid of the adverts by purchasing Remove Ad for $2.99. Also you can upgrade to the premium version of the app for $3.99 and $5.99 per month subscription. The subscription models aren’t anything special but the free version still happens to be one of the best office app out there.

5. OfficeSuite

Most of you might be aware of this application as it comes pre-installed in many devices made by leading phone manufacturers. It is the Pro version which makes Officesuite worthy of being on this list. Most of the basic features are available on the free version. The pro versions brings a couple of useful features.

PDF scanning,a font pack that is compatible with Microsoft and a spell checker are a few of the features included in the pro version. Office suite also happens to be among the most expensive Office apps out there costing about $14.99 to get rid of those clunky ads. If you happen to do a lot of your office work on your mobile phone, then the investment might just be worth as along with being on the expensive side it also happens to be among the most Feature rich office suites.

We gave you our top 5 picks among the number of best free office suite for android. Let us know if we missed any application worth noticing in the comments below 😉

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