Best Mac Apps to Watermark Images

If you are a photography enthusiast, budding or otherwise, the chances are fairly high that you are one of those photography enthusiasts who not only like to take the brilliant (or not so brilliant) images, but also enjoy telling the world it is just yours.

You like owning the pictures not just by the simple act of clicking the picture with or without great insight and inspection and finesse, but you absolutely adore owning the pictures by putting your mark on it. A personalized graphic or simply you very short or very long name, and sometimes, both!

This is a very territorial move, and most creatures like to mark their territory –human are also included in that particular evaluation. So, do not be afraid that I am about to tell you that what you are doing or what you like to do, i.e., marking your images with your name or personalized graphic etc. is wrong. I am not. In fact, I was about to do the very opposite of what you were dreading.

The best way to mark you pictures so that:

  1. The world knows it is yours
  2. No one can rightfully claim it is not yours but theirs instead
  3. No one can use it without your permission
  4. You have a basic upper hand when it comes to matters dealing to copyright laws

It can be done with a simple watermark. Most people enjoy watermark their images for at least one if not all the above reasons. Another obvious reason they watermark their images are because it looks pretty cool.

But that is not the point of this particular article. This article is aimed to help the people who want to watermark their images but do not know how.

Suppose you have recently caught the photography bug, this article would be your trusted guide and friend, when it comes to branding your images with your personalized and awesome tag. Thus, if people have to praise or criticize someone for the beauty or the eye-sore they happen to find online, they can easily point their finger at you, courtesy your great and grand watermark.

But the question remains – HOW?

How would you add watermark mac?

Well [and this is mostly, err… basically, for the Mac users], there are these insane apps that are available to you that allow you to put up your watermark on your images. What are the Best Mac Apps to Watermark Images you ask? Well the wait is over… just simply scroll down to find out!

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These are the top 5 best watermark software for Mac :

App 1: iWatermark Pro

iWatermark Pro Main

The first and foremost beauty of this particular app is this – not only is it your ultimate friend on a Mac, but on the off chance that you do not have one of those shiny silver desktops, this app, can be your friend on your iOS device, your Android phone, and even your Windows PC.

This app is considered one of the topmost and one of the top-notch apps for watermark your images on your Mac. It supports a wide variety – okay maybe not that wide – it supports six different types of watermarks, including text watermarks, graphic watermarks, and QR Code watermarks.

And you know what the added bonus is? This app is user-friendly and easy to use. You think that is too good to be true right? But it is! To use this app, all you have to do is install it, and drag and drop the images you want to watermark onto it. Then, once you have set your preferences, your image will automatically be ready to display your chosen watermark on them.

This app also has a few added features. It can do some of the basic photo tasks such as other apps like Picasa. It can filter and resize photos. Another added bonus this app is absolutely free watermark for mac! You can just find it on the website and enjoy the freeware. No taxes. No charges. No lies.


App 2: Photo Bulk


This is a lightweight application, also to be used for watermark images on your Mac. This is also a freeware available on the website. It is also pretty simple and easy to use –to choose your images for watermark; all you need to do is drag and drop them onto the app window.

This app provides a menu of the type of watermark to be used on an image. After you choose the type of watermark from the menu and set the settings to your choice ad preference, the app will add the watermark to your image.

 App 3: WatermarkQue


Even though this app is not updated by the developers anymore, it is still pretty good. It works in the same way as the previous apps.

 App 4: Star Watermark

Star Watermark

This app is the most suitable for laying your watermark on multiple or batch images instead of singular ones. It is a freeware too! And it is extremely user-friendly.


App 5: uMark


This app exists for Windows as well as Mac computers. It lets you add a lot of watermarks as well such as text, graphics, pictures and QR codes.


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