The iPhone is an amazing device with many great features, there are actually many hidden features and tricks in iOS that you will possibly not have knew existed so far. In this article, I have selected some of the Best iPhone Tips and Tricks that will help you achieve things faster and much easier.

iOS7Considering that the release of the iOS for mobile, Apple company has introduced the most important change to it together with the launch of iOS . It comes with a considerably newly designed user interface focusing on convenience together with new features included for running on Apple mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPad mini.

Note: iPhone Tips and Tricks explained in this post work for your iPad or iPad mini running in iOS 7 only.

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How to Turn Off Automatic Updates:

Automatic updates is actually a useful new feature in iOS 7 which will install all application updates automatically. The most important disadvantage for this feature, on the other hand, is you may not would like to install a particular update. Fortunately, the feature is optional which enable it to be turned off.

To turn off automatic app updates:

Step 1: Go to Settings app
Step 2: And Tap iTunes & App Store
Step 3: There is Turn off Updates option.

Turn off automatic updates on iOS

How to Switch between Open Apps & Close Running Apps:

When working with an app, you are able to minimize it by just pressing the Home button. Returning to it isn’t just a single click on the task-bar like exactly the way you do in Windows. However the iPad method not so difficult possibly.

Step1: Double click your iPad’s Home press button to show the opened apps.
Step2: Swipe the right or left, clicking into an icon or a thumbnail of app to instantly change to an open app.
Step 3:  Swipe u for close running Apps.

How to Pause or Cancel an App Download:

For anyone who is downloading or updating several app at the same time, it will take some time as some applications could be large in file size. However, you can decide to pause or cancel an app download.
That is simple:

Step 1:  Keep loading the only one you should download first, and tap into the rest to ensure they paused. To keep running, tap them again.
Step 2:  To stop an app download, tap delete button and confirm for cancel an app download.

How to Make the text larger and bolder:

In case the font size in iOS 7 is hard to read, you may need to think about make the bold text option on your iPhone or iPad.

Bold the Text:

Step 1:  Go to Settings app.
Step 2:  Tap on General.
Step 3:  Select Accessibility.
Step 4:  And Turn on Bold Text feature.
Step 5:  Finally Restart your mobile for make changes.

Bolding Text in iOS

Change Text Size:

Bolding the text is not so far, possibly changing the text size is going to be more useful. Think about note on this feature, nevertheless, could it be only works together with apps that support Dynamic Type, consisting of most first party applications.

To change text size:

Step 1: Go to Settings app
Step 2: Tap General settings
Step 3: And then Tap Text Size option.
Step 4: Drag the slider left or right until which size of text would you like to set.

Text Size in iOS

How to See what apps take up the more space:

Check out Settings  and click general and then usage button, below the “Storage” each and every apps on your mobile phone will show up, together with how much space it is using for it. clicking on any application to remove it.

How to Search apps,contacts, messages, emails, notes, and calendar events:

Swipe down in the center of the home screen to search apps,contacts, messages, emails, notes, and calendar events using spotlight feature.

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Camera: How To Shoot in Burst Mode: ( Hold Volume UP Button)

The re-designed Camera application contains a awesome trick, if you wish to shoot in burst mode, getting multiple shots in fast sequence, simply click and hold the volume-up button on your mobile.

How to Take a photo while you’re recording video:

When recording video, the camera button that appears could be used to take a still.
note: the image quality will not be as effective as camera mode.

If you have any doubts on the above iPhone tips and tricks, comment your experience here.