Life of women’s life was always difficult. It includes their safety, household management, menstrual cycle hazards  so on. With all these issues they have the pressure to stay fit. There are people out there with ample advice for women. The do’s and don’ts of a woman in managing a household and taking care of themselves. Chuck advice’s  when you have the solution  available in your iOS device.

iPhone / iPad has the best solution to every problem of them in the form of app.

These app help to take effective control of various issues in women’s life. Do not miss the fun in taking care of your child , packing them to school and manage household.

Apple store has the best collection of apps that are specially designed for women. Here are the list of apps and their features they offer to every women. Look into the Best iPhone and iPad Apps for Women to Manage their Household in Style and install the app based on your need.

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Best iPhone and iPad Apps for Women

Clue – Health & Period Tracker :


Clue is the best app among the female apps that guides you through your menstrual cycle. It monitors your cycle and gets aware of your next period time. Get this App here.

It is an all in one app that :

  • Tracks your fertility cycle , PMS and period.
  • Offers information about female health.


  • It tracks symptoms and fertility .
  • Monitors regularity of periods.
  • Prepares you for pregnancy.
  • Has a better understanding of your period cycle.
  • Guides you through mood swings.
  • Has answers for all the awkward questions we have in our mind.


  • Simple and easy to use app.
  • Streamlined design makes it user friendly.
  • Has a decent name compared to other period related apps.
  • Guides people to understand their bodies.

ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner:

Shop savy app allows you to scan the bar code of the product to search online. Guides you to loacte the best deals of the product you are searching. Get this app here.


  • Tracks sales from your favorite shops.
  • Ensures that you are buying the product at the least available price.
  • Price comparison of a product from various stores.


  • It has a unique bar code scanning feature.
  • You can load cash in the wallet to buy product instantly.
  • Displays an estimate from the retailers.
  • It takes you to the page of ratings and review of the product you are about to buy.



Fitness app for women that apps every girl should have. It guides housewife and working women to stay fit. Get this from here.


  • Allows you to choose any of these options :
  • to get lean, get toned, get strong or get focused.
  • Provides workout videos based on the difficulty level of the user.
  • Allows you to sync iTunes account with the app.
  • Provides different workout for every time to use .
  • Lets you select the level of difficulty.


  • Has 100+ workouts and training videos.
  • Each video is 15 to 20 minutes duration.
  • Work out by listening to your iTunes playlist.
  • You can use it in offline mode.

My Diet Coach – Weight Loss :

It motivates women to lose weight. Unlike other apps , this app gives less importance to training. Boosts the mindset of woman to workout. Get this app from here.


  • Gives motivation to fight against your mental blocks.
  • Provides tips for specific areas.
  • This app can get you through any difficulty you face related to dieting.
  • Provides quotes and sayings to encourage weight loss.


  • Lets you set reminder and notification based on your goal.
  • Allows you to upload picture of yourself to track progress.
  • Users can customize reminders to fix their trouble.
  • Motivational quotes and perseverance tips are available.
  • BMI calculator , diet chart and Calorie counter is available.
  • Food craving panic button prevents you from the foods you shouldn’t have.

Polyvore – Fashion & Style


This apps for housewives, Designed for and aims at women’s style and looks. Women who are interested in fashion and latest trends can install this app immediately. Get this app from here.


  • Lets you explore outfit ideas.
  • Allows you to shop from famous brands.


  • You can check the looks created by other users.
  • Scroll through the designs and recent trending to update your lifestyle.
  • Instant buy is the best feature of this app.
  • It recommends products based on your interest.

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It is relaxing to see technology coming up with solutions for all life problems. With the budding mobile addiction organizing and managing problems through apps is the best invention.

Usually women takes care of everyone around her. Those women definitely need these best Women apps for iPhone and iPad.

Do not miss the chance to have fun and sort out issues. These apps solve a variety of issues. These iPhone and iPad apps takes care of women’s personal and health related issues.

Sounds interesting right ? Install them and try those to witness it all by yourself.