Top 5 Best Investment, Stocks, Trading Apps for Android

The words conjure up images of a room full of screaming stock brokers, trading on their phones, like in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’.

Stock brokers charge a bomb just to make a trade. But now you can buy stocks yourself and make your own trades for next to nothing. And at home, without even making a call. Many apps let you start for free while some charge just a fraction of what’s in your account.

Despite investing being risky – what with the shaky market situations and nearly unpredictable economy – it can result in good dividends or at least a neat some of spending money on the side.

Investing seems like such a frightening, “grown-up”, high-stakes thing to do. Most of us wouldn’t even know how and where to begin.

We have compiled a list of 5 apps to get you started on your journey to actual, real adulthood and hopefully make some cash along the way.

So set aside some spare change – instead of splurging on yet another new pair of shoes – and let’s get started!

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Best Investment, Stocks, Trading Apps for Android

1. Investar: Indian Stock Market


This user-friendly investment app catering exclusively to the Indian market has automatic updates (every 1 minute or 5 minutes), live National Stock Exchange (NSE) Stocks/Futures & Options (F&O) updates, unlimited watch-lists and Buy/Sell signals It also offers push notifications. You can even watch educational videos to catch up on the basics.

The free version is more than adequate for beginners. Although in-app purchases can give you more options and features, like registration lets you sync your watch lists with the Investar desktop software.

Get Investar: Indian Stock Market here.


2. JStock Android – Stock Market

JStock supports 36 world stock markets, India being one them. Its features include portfolio management, dividend management, 10 years history chart, stock news and technical analysis, SMA (Simple Moving Average) and EMA (Exponential Moving Average) at current instant. It can also show on the lock screen and has home widgets for watch list, world indices and buying portfolios.

The JStock Desktop version can be conveniently and easily integrated with the app on your phone.

The free version is more than functionary for beginners. You can try out the premium version for 14 days on a free trial basis.

Get JStock here.


3. – Stocks, Forex, Futures & News

This well thought out investment app offers real time data from over 70 global markets – so you can track stocks, bonds, commodities, interest rates, Forex (Foreign Exchange) futures and options. It gives you customized live updates and customized alerts on global economic events. You can personalize your portfolio and build a customized watch list. It has a host of financial tools including – Earnings Calendar, technical summary, market quotes, advanced chart.

Get it here.


4. Moneycontrol Markets on Mobile

Moneycontrol calls itself India’s #1 Finance/Investment App and with good reason considering it has more than 250K downloads on the Play store.

It is easy to use – you can use all your financial data, your portfolio, your watch list and the message board smoothly. You can receive timely updates on your portfolio performance news & alerts on stocks you hold. It also lets you add a personalized watchlist to watch your stocks, mutual funds, commodities, futures and currencies. You can track the latest updates in Indian and Global financial markets. The message board can get answers to any questions you might have and recommendations from experienced investors.

It also lets you watch Live TV (CNBC-TV18) and old videos for information and advice.

Get Moneycontrol Markets on Mobile here.


5. NetDania Global Trader

NetDania offers push notifications on breaking news and major economic events. It has real-time news and an Economic calendar. You can also have an unlimited amount watch lists. It offers an unlimited number of Demo & Live Trading accounts with multiple brokers. You can use the pre-built local menu or make your own menu.

It lets you create simple or complex algorithms (using combinations of studies and pattern recognition)
and you don’t need any programming experience and trade from charts. You can view news and indicators from 100+ countries and compose your own news stream. You can sync NetDania with NetStation for desktop or your other devices.

Get NetDania Global Trader here.

Forex Hero

A trading game that lets you learn through actual strategies and information about trading stocks.

Robinhood is another great app that lets you trade for free,but it is yet to come to the Indian market.

Apps like Learn: how to invest in stocks can teach you some basics and investment terms..

What are your thoughts on investing and finance?
Did you try out any of these apps? Do you have any favorites of your own?
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