Everyone of us would love to build a home for ourselves. Sometimes it turns out to be just a house and not a home. Designing it ourselves would bring in more life and connect to the place we live in. That emotional rapport changes an house to an home. Will it not be even more fun to design and plan our interiors at our table? Yes , There are plenty of interior designing apps available in app store which doesn’t need us to be a profession to start with and exploring the fun tools. iOS app store lets you visually preview your dream house virtually before getting in to the field. These best interior design apps for iPhone and iPad, that lets you play around with 3D renders , walk through and guess what ? Accurate measurements

Let’s look in detail the list of apps available for iOS users for interior designing.

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Best Interior or Home Design Apps for iPhone and iPad



This free platform is available for both iOS and Windows users. Offers inspirational ideas for people who are about to redesign or remodel their house.Contains upto 1,000,000 high resolution picture samples for users reference.

We can surf through ideas using Room type , style and keyboard search. For getting an vague idea on how the design on our mind looks on visual medium we can use the sketch option to annotate and draw over the images available in the app.

More than 5 millions products and materials can be bought like tiles , lights and furniture. Users can save their work , or copy it to a scrapbook for future reference. Get it here.


Give an attractive facelift to your old-fashioned house with this app.With the plenty of paint color choices you can design and as well as decorate your interiors perfectly.

Do not just stop with designing, organizing and planning, have a look at the design you created in a 3D give to get a clear idea. You can purchase furniture and accessories, this app has a lot to choose from. Get it here


This app helps you in shaping your creativity right and give it a life. With this app you can view your design in both 2D and 3D.

The vast catalog is the top notch. You will be offered a variety of choices to choose from to give your dream house an adorable look. Planner 5D apps en capsules about 4.5 million ideas along with which you can customize your furniture, accessories and textures. Get it here.



To simply put : 3D design made easy. Easiest and simple app to give your house a 3D look. Things you can do :

  • Purchase furniture and other accessories from the lot.
  • Draw your room/dividers.
  • Change height / other dimensions

Users have the full liberty to customize their dream house based on various tools and editing options available. With 3D render you can visualize your dream house with more accuracy. This app lets you to share your designs with other people through mail , dropbox and other services. Get it here.


Want to try different shades and hues for your dream house ? Pantone is the one and only best choice to play around with 10000 plus color palate.

You can create your own color pallets with upto maximum of 5 colors. Use color picker to best customize your palate. Get it here.

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These best home design apps for iPhone and iPad can help you best to collaborate your creativity and dream house on your table. Explore new ideas , recreate them and build your dream with these easy to use and user friendly designing apps available at app store. Change the look and feel of your home by discovering new tools and possibilities offered by these apps.