Best Instagram Tips & Tricks And Hidden Features You Should Know

Best Instagram Tips & Tricks And Hidden Features You Should Know

Well, these days it is hard to not talk about Instagram when we talk about taking pictures. With more than 700 million active users per month, it is sure the hottest app in this millennial world. It receives millions of feeds in form of pictures and videos every day. I am sure that we all come across those beautiful and too good to be true pictures on Instagram. I say that you can do it too. You just need to follow some steps. We give 6 secrets to share beautiful images on Instagram with ease. With these tips and tricks, you are sure to be the lead. So, here are six hidden Instagram features that make photo sharing easier.

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Best Instagram Tips & Tricks And Hidden Features:

Slide to look beautiful

Did you know that you can adjust the intensity of the filter and fine tune it? Well, Instagram has sure come a long way from the days when it didn’t have filters. Now, you get all the liberty to fine tune your filter according to your liking.

A perfect filter makes a perfect picture. A fine-tuned filter makes followers. So, the next time you upload a picture on Instagram, Double tap on it. Tap the filter a second time and you will get a slider. You can adjust the intensity and keep it anywhere between 0 to 100. You can slide it towards zero to get a smooth and subtle filter or keep it over 50 to get a bold look. For a totally bold and contrasting image, pump it all the way to 100.

Reflect on the past.

You can compare your edited Image with the earlier un-edited image. This feature lets you know how far you have come. Sometimes it is possible that you cross the line between beautiful and overdone pictures. So, you can always take a quick look at the original before you upload. This would also help you to know if you have lost the authenticity of the image while editing.

To do this, tap and hold the image. You will see the un-filtered and un-edited image. You can release the tap to go back to your edited image.

Best Instagram Tips & Tricks And Hidden Features You Should KnowBest Instagram Tips & Tricks And Hidden Features You Should Know

Make a priority list of your favorite filters.

Well, Instagram provides a lot of amazing filters. But, it is always a subjective issue. What you like is what you like. So, keep the filters you love the most, handy. So that you could quickly apply them without going through the hassle of scrolling and finding your filter. Keep it in the front of the line. You can organize your filters in Instagram. So this way you won’t ever miss a perfect filter.

To organize, scroll to the last of the filter tray and at the end, you will see a “Manage filters” option. You can rearrange your filter per your liking.

manage filters -Best Instagram Tips & Tricks And Hidden Features You Should Know

Get rid of the unwanted pictures.

Has it ever happened to you, that you wanted to post a picture but couldn’t? That picture now resides in the Drafts of you Instagram. Well, some people like to save drafts and some don’t. If you want to delete a picture from the drafts, follow these steps.

To delete, Touch the manage button that you can find next to the Drafts section. Then, tap on edit and select all the drafts that you want to delete. Finally, press discard post and there you go.

Share more than one photo at a time.

There will be times when you will want to upload more than 1 photos at a time. Like, when you just had an amazing day, you can’t just have 1 good picture but you will have many.

Good news, Instagram now allows you to share up to 10 photos in a single post. It will be posted as an instance of an album that your viewers could scroll through. This will surely make it easier to share the moments of your day with friends. When you upload a photo and create a post, select the first image to get the option of selecting multiple images. Now, you can add all the images you wanted to upload.

Want your best friend to see it? Direct message it.

Direct message Insta -Best Instagram Tips & Tricks And Hidden Features You Should Know

While Instagram gives you a platform to publicly share your photos, It obviously has the feature to directly send an image to your friends. It is not something new and other social media sites have already been playing with this. But it is there if you don’t know.

Direct message is something that Instagram has rooted within. You can send profiles, other people’s post or by clicking the paper plane icon on the top right corner of the screen.

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At the end, we could just take time to praise the minds behind Instagram. Today we have a beautiful creation in a form of social media platform. While Instagram or any social media platform is fun to use, You should also stay responsible while using it. Stay alert and save yourself from the scams and traps that are spreading across the social media. It is also your duty to make your close family and friends aware of the traps and scams spreading on these platforms.

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