Best Gmail Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Customize your Inbox. Make it your own!

Different people like looking at different things. Thus, the saying, beauty is in the eyes of the viewer. The same is true for your Gmail inbox too!Customize your display density

Customize your display density according to your preference.

If you do not have too many emails, then you can use a comfortable density, otherwise you can try other options.

Have more than one Inbox.

Have more than one Inbox.

It may happen, that you are using more than one label for your mails, and you are still stunned as which email should go where. Not all of them fit the Primary or Promotional or Forum features. Now, you can use the “Multiple In boxes” feature.

To do this follows this simple step: Settings> Labs > enable Multiple In boxes.

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 Outlook’s – try Preview!

Outlookers – try Preview!

Go to Settings > Labs and enable “Preview Pane”.

This enables you to read all your messages in a new pane. This is called the Preview Pane. So, if you use this, you don’t need to actually open up a message to read it.

Mark: Read.

Mark Read.

Go to Settings > Labs and enable “Mark as Read Button”.

A new button will appear. You can use this to mark all unread emails that you never want to lay eyes on, as “Read”. Sly huh?

Drag & Drop

You can drag and drop messages in Gmail from one label to the other. And the best part? The other messages from the same address get transferred too if you so wish it to happen. After you have dragged and dropped the first message, you will get a Notification which will ask for permission to drag and drop all other messages from the same sender to your new label. If you wish to allow it, they get transferred instantly!


Google Calendar

If you want to use a calendar within Gmail, this gadget is perfect for you.

Go to Settings > Labs and enable “Google Calendar Gadget”.

It created a new widget in your inbox that shows all upcoming events and important days that are marked on your Calendar.

Delegate Access

Sometimes, you might want to delegate access to your Gmail account to another Google account holder.

To do these try the following:

Go to Settings > Accounts and Import and scroll down to “Grant access to your account” to add another account.

This person can now sign in to your account and access it. They will be able to read your emails, delete emails, and send emails on your behalf. For all secretarial work that s disguised as “official” this is the perfect business hack!

Use Google Wallet

Google Wallet is a mobile payment system that has been introduced by Google. This system lets you store debit cards, credit cards, loyalty cards, etc. on your mobile phone.

This can even be integrated with your Gmail account so that you can send money to people as a simple “Attachment”. Pretty neat, don’t you think?


This is one handy tool that provides you with the details of all your contacts and the density of how many times they may have emailed you.

It basically helps you find with which contact you have the most email rapport.

Use Taskforce

This is a productivity tool that is provided to you. It integrates with Gmail and converts your emails into tasks and lets you produce virtual reminders for the tasks you have to do. Handy huh?

Use Find Big Mail

So, it may happen that your Gmail account has finally run out of space. What do you do then? Knowing what an email hoarder you are, you probably do not want to delete any of your earlier emails. Use Find Big Mail. This will find emails with large attachments and free up some space. It free too!

Quote it!

When you are re-sending an email, you might want to just send a tiny part of your previous email. What do you do then?

Just simply quote the selected text. And Google will do the rest for you. To make sure this works “Quote Selected Text” should be enabled in the “Labs” feature under Settings.

So, once you highlight the text you want to send across, and hit the “Reply” button, Google will only send across your quoted text.

Undo Send

Sometimes, we send an email off by mistake before we have finished typing it. Or, we realize there was some mistake that we have forgotten to alter just a second after tapping the Send button. What do we do then?

Simple, just undo Sending.

Go to Settings > Labs and enable “Undo Send”.

This will give you a 30 second clearance to undo the sending of the email that you have just set into motion. And, the clearance period can be changed too!


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