10 Best Free Backup Software for Linux
Most of us don’t backup our data and probably feels bad when it is lost. Creating backups regularly is a good practice and we need to generate this habit among ourselves. What if someone helps you develop this habit? Well, we have a list of backup software for Linux which creates backup according to your need, i.e, whether you want a local backup or sync data across devices, whether encryption is important to you

or not, and much more!

So, let’s begin the count

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Top 10 Open Source Backup Software for Linux

1. Rsync

Best Free Open Source Backup Software for Linux

Rsync is one of the best backup apps for Linux. It is also known as the father of all backup apps since most of them are either inspired by or directly derived from it. Linux backup Rsync has a large number of options to choose from, but it’s easy to figure out how to use it for simple backups. It can

preserve symbolic as well as hard links to files, in addition to file ownership and permissions.

You’ll have an idea of its wide usage by going through the official documentation.

Click here to download Rsync

2. Obnam

Best Free Open Source Backup Software for Linux

Obnam is basically a game of snapshots. When you run this app for the first time, it will perform a complete backup of your source files and folders. Subsequent snapshots are incremental, yet fully restore-able, and you don’t have to restore a whole snapshot – just the files you want.

To assure that your data are not corrupted while creating backups, it makes regular checkpoints. You can also set up a cleanup policy to make Obnam automatically remove old backups at desired intervals.

Click here to download Obnam


3. BorgBackup

Best Free Open Source Backup Software for Linux

The best thing about BorgBackup is that it turns your backups into archives and organizes them into repositories. In addition to archiving backups, it also lets you mount backups as file systems and browse them in your file manager.

BorgBackupis made with an aim to use deduplication as its main feature and so, it uses a smart algorithm to achieve it. As a result, you’re free to rename and move files in your backups without disturbing the entire process of deduplication.

Click here to download BorgBackup


4. Grsync

Best Free Open Source Backup Software for Linux

As the name suggests, Grsync is a graphical frontend for rsync. The only difference is that, here all the items are represented via checkboxes.

Using Grsync, you can synchronize files between two locations,  delete old files automatically, and backup only new files. we can also save settings for different backup scenarios as “Sessions”, and also it offers the feature for switching between them at anytime from the drop down menu.

Click here to download Grsync


5. Kup

Best Free Open Source Backup Software for Linux


Kup is another graphical front-end Linux backup software open source, that can save a lot of space on your disk just by performing incremental backups that act like full backups. Kup, however, also supports Rsync for one of the two backup modes that it supports.

The first one lets you remove those files from the destination that you have deleted in the source. The second one doesn’t remove old file versions, and allows you to browse and restore them.

Click here to download Kup


6. Areca Backup

Best Free Open Source Backup Software for Linux

Areca works by creating archives from the files you want to backup similar to BorgBackup. You can have multiple source folders for a single archive in case you feel like, and the destination can be an external drive, a local folder, or even an FTP server. Thats really amazing!

Areca supports file compression as well as encryption and lets you filter files by type. You can also simulate a backup, like with Grsync, as well as extract files from old backups, similar to Kup. For beginners, Areca offers the Backup Strategy and Backup Shortcut wizards that guides you through the entire setup process.

Click here to download Areca Backup

7. Back In Time

Best Free Open Source Backup Software for Linux

Back In Time is again based on the concept of system snapshots. Using this backup application, you can create encrypted snapshots of the whole system or only backup selected folders. The same applies to restoring your backups,i.e, you can either restore the entire system, or the files and folders you need. Back In Time tool that can automatically remove old snapshots and let us to compare them to show you what changes that happened on files.

Click here to download Back in Time

8. DarGUI

Best Free Open Source Backup Software for Linux

DarGUI is a frontend for the archiving tool called dar, so the backups that it makes are undoubtedly archive files. The best part about Dargui is that it separates archives into multiple parts called slices which can be used in case you have to manage large backups.

You can also create full system backups or differential backups, and compare them to your DarGUI system. Besides these, it can also restore backups, help you to schedule them, and perform a test run to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Click here to download Grsync


9. FWbackups

Best Free Open Source Backup Software for Linux

FWbackups seems to be one of the most easy-to-use backup app, due to the user-friendly interface that it provides. Everything feels straightforward and logical, so beginners shouldn’t have trouble using it. With FWbackups, you can create either onetime backup or setup regular backups . They can be archive files or direct copies of your file-system hierarchy.

Click here to download FWBackup

10. Partimage

Best Free Open Source Backup Software for Linux

Partimage, though not meant for regular use can seem quite helpful when you need to clone entire partitions. The reasons why we cannot use it regularly is that it doesn’t support ext4 and btrfs filesystems, and you shouldn’t clone a mounted partition. Instead, it’s recommended to run Partimage from a bootable live USB system

But in case your Linux system suffers a major failure, you can use Partimage to restore your Linux system or to transfer an existing installation to another computer with all your applications and settings intact.

Click here to download Partimage

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Having known the best open source backup software for Linux, don’t just stick to the backup application that comes inbuilt with your system. Go on and explore few of these in case you want to get more of it.

If you know any other backup apps that I might have missed, do let us know in the comments section below