The iPhone always has a solution to all our problems. It offers life improvement solutions to its users  directly and indirectly. Now, we are going to look into the features of few apps  available in apple store. Yes , it is about one of the apps that apple store offers to improve our quality of life.

We all would have come across the term “FITNESS”. Each one of us have different perspective about fitness and health. Slim look doesn’t mean fit. There are lots of misconceptions about fitness.What is the healthy diet one needs to follow ? The body proportion ? The BMI ?

The steps people undergo to stay fit is definitely hard.  Improper diet and late night sleep is the main reason for unhealthy lifestyle. Looking deeper , apple does offer us a range of fitness apps. Some apps are already in use.You explore the diversity of features.From weight loss , maintaining BMI , stress buster and so on.

This digital medium monitors, guides and motivates us towards fitness.

Lets look into the Best Fitness apps for iPhone and iPad picked from the lots.

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This fitness app allows you to set plan and follow it.It follows the formula of “eat right and lose weight”.You can have track of your food habits.In this way you can prevent yourself from deviating away from right diet.

It has database of over 5 million food items.Bar code scanner allows you to cross check the nutrition value of the food you eat.This feature works irrespective of cuisine.

The built in “step counter” feature is the best replacement for fitbit.

It is absolutely free.You will be needing premium subscription to skips ads.

You can sync this app with few particular fitness tracker to auto update all your work out sessions.You can know about each food by scanning its code.

This is one of the best and popular app to keep track of what you eat.One among the few apps with brilliant features.It can give health information about any branded or non branded foods and drinks.People from all part of the world can be benefited by this app.

The only thing app needs you to do is to “set your goal”. App takes care of the rest.

This app is one of the popular and efficient which enables weigh loss by tracking the calories that enter and exit your body.


This fitness app offers 100 guided workout videos for beginners.It is suitable for people with varied fitness levels.

This app provides  a 4 week training programs for the user to become lean , toned and stronger.Nike app  links to Apple Watch , “spotify” app and various social media channels.

You can watch workout videos with  your music playlist in the background.It allows you to target particular part of the body.


Each feature has a different content and steps.This best weightlifting app is synced with iTunes as you can workout by listening to your favorite songs.

One of the best feature is there is no need for internet connectivity..You can carry it wherever you travel.


This is a run tracking app.Enhances you health by keeping track of your run time and jog count.

You can set personal records and work on improving it every time.

The user can also challenge others on the leader board by providing motivation quotes , share your progress every month.

Together with Apple watch , you can have track of heart rate , power and cycling activities.

The so far best workout trainer app for cardio lovers.You can view your progress anytime as the data is sent to the

You can tap on the app to view the local routes and the time covered by other users to complete it.

It is a free app with a built in GPS to track your sessions.


If you ever wanted to witness a game cum fitness app , Fitocracy is for you. The gamification of fitness has brought in a huge change.

You can gain experience points for every exercise you log in the app.This app allows you to unlock achievements and level you up.

The quest feature rewards you a bonus for specific workout or a new sport.

You can get all the motivation and encouragement towards fitness.Personal trainers connects with you after paying some amount.

The number of your achievements , how fast you level up is directly proportional to your goal towards good health.

You can track workouts , rearrange them and add new exercises.Users can mingle with other fitocracy users , save their routines.

The app is free except for the special coachings you may sign up.


For people who believe more in yoga  , this app will help them towards fitness.

This is a paid app with content  worth  your yoga classes.You can become flexible within no time with the 70+ classes.

You can get the perfect shape at your home with less money.For people who find yoga classes taxing , this is the best replacement.

Their 3D muscle images gives a detailed understanding.You can go through and learn 389 poses and breathing exercises.

People can be benefited with the HD videos that are well designed as 37 programs.

In the case of iOS , it is a paid app.


The above best free fitness apps will be highly useful for those people who may not find time to attend outside classes.Also for people who may feel hesitant in learning in front of others.The iPhone users can get into shape easily and quickly with best workout apps for iPhone.Why do you need a trainer or instructor , if you have an iPhone or iPad and one of these apps ?