Best Firefox Addons to Increase Your Productivity

Firefox is a browser just like Google chrome browser. Functionality of this browser lies in the types of extensions one prefers to use. We have about 1500 best firefox extensions that can actually improve the productivity of our work while working on Firefox. I will discuss few best firefox addons and relevant tips to keep you focused while you are at work and improve your productivity.

Firefox lets you customize Google. You can customize the features of the Google services. Customization also means blocking the unwanted advertisements on the Google page.

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One tab:

Opening multiple tabs drains battery and it is a bit cumbersome too by keeping multiple tabs open. Here is the batter-life saving tip by using a single tab. Multiple tabs are consolidated into one single tab. One tab is an add-on you can install on the Firefox browser. You will see the one tab icon after you install this add-on. Pic below:

FIREFOX 1 copyOne Tab Firefox Addon


One tab helps in export and import URLs too, can create a web page from the list of tabs. These can be shared with your contacts as well with the help of your computer or smartphone. It is very simple to use. Drag and drop your open tabs into OneTab, use control or cmd key by holding the key while you restore the tabs. This will be saved even if your computer restarts.

Adblock Plus:

This is an add-on that can be installed from Firefox, as the name suggests, it allows blocking unwanted video ads on YouTube, banners etc.and remove all the malware domains. It also allows customizing filters, block tab for Flash and Java objects. The main aim is to filter and block unwanted intrusive advertisements.

Adblock Plus


This add-on is an advanced proxy management tool. By having this add-on installed, Firefox extension automatically switches an internet connection within one or more proxy servers depending on the URL patterns. This automates the process of editing the Firefox connection settings dialog. This FoxyProxy add-on definitely improves your security, also enhances the internet speed.


IE Tab:

At times, you may feel the need to open any site using internet explorer. Instead of opening the website on internet explorer separately, you can check it in “View page in IE tab” and the site opens up in the internet explorer in Firefox browser. This is very useful if someone has multiple Gmail accounts and wants to use the mails at the same time actively.

IE Tab Firefox Addon

Hootsuite Hootlet:

This is one tool which allows to share social content easily with a single click.You can also auto schedule your posts. It takes the content that you want to share on the webpage and pops a message into the compose box. It is a real-time saving tool. It also allows scheduling a message that has to be sent at a later date.

Hootsuite Hootlet


The tools designed to block the unwanted sites. As the name suggests leechblock, this add-on helps in removing the sites that really suck the time. You need to mention the name of the site to be blocked. You can mention six sets of sites to block with different timings and days for each. This allows setting a password too for access to the extension. Leechblock also tracks the total amount of time spent in browsing the sites in each block set mentioned. Once you have this add-on installed, here is how it shows:


LastPass Password Manager:

LastPass Password Manager

This add-on allows to save all the usernames and passwords. It will auto login your sites and sync the data you need. It saves any data that you want to keep secure and accessible when you need. It also generates secure passwords. It protects your LastPass account too with authentication.
These are the extensions widely used for better productivity. I am sure you already decided to install at-least 3 extensions to your FireFox.

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