Best Finance Apps for Apple Watch: Keep Track of Your Budget

Smartphones are serving us better when it comes to saving our income , managing expenses , bill payment tracking and many more. These services in the form of apps have made our lifestyle easy and stress free. With lots of advantages and time saving factors these replacements for traditional way of price tracking apps are one of the best find. But how would it be to see devices competing instead of apps ? Yes , along with smartphones now it is apple watch that has decided to help us out sort our monetary issues with its finance manager apps.

You can drink a coffee watch a movie and finish your dinner within your budget with just a watch around your wrist. Sounds cool right ? The Apple Watch is about to take over the apps department and give us essential information and be our finance assistant.

Lets look into the details , features and functionality of the apps that are available for apple watch users.

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Best Apple Watch Expense Manager Apps :


This blockbuster app provides all the information about spending and our daily budget with a single glance. Users have a track over their monthly budget goals.


  • “The Trend ” feature in apple watch lets you to check credit cards , income , spending so on.
  • Data can be synced with other apple devices.
  • Offers a better and simple way to set our goal such as loans , paying debts like a pro.
  • This highly rated finance app is available for free.
  • Users receive bill payment reminders.
  • Works based on the spending pattern and requirements of each person.
  • This app has a customized tips , which makes our money saving task a tension free one.


The Apple watch has some more extra features of this app when compared to other  iOS devices. Manage you accounts , expense and budget with ease with this app installed.


  • Users can set a budget limit before spending.
  • Sync online banking transfers to save a lot of money.
  • Monthly reports can be used to analyze the monthly expenditure.
  • Users are allowed to build custom reports.
  • Lets users to check balance , log income , expense with touch screen.


The personal money managing app has a sleek design compared to others. Very simple yet essential app to track expenses.


  • Has the best option of displaying our spending and balance details in bold colors.
  • Any number of budgets can be set by the user and track them individually.
  • One of the flexible app that lets users to add expenses to the previous dates and edit them with ease.
  • It suggests us to stop spending so much or increase our expense based on our financial status.
  • Apple watch version allows users to track their daily/monthly/weekly spending and their recent transactions.


This app makes tracking of our expenses very easy by categorizing each and every penny. You need not worry about the amount spent and on what products you spend with this app.


  • We can track the expenses of our loved ones or friends by adding them to the list.
  • Works as a reminder to pay our bills , loans and mortgages.


More than an expense tracker app , it is a reminder app about bills. This app prevents us from paying a huge amount all together by skipping a term.


  • Users get notification of due date , deadline and the pending amount.
  • Track payment numbers and history with this app.
  • Apple watch version shows you the glance of next due bill.
  • Notifications can be snoozed later with a tap.

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These banking apps for apple watch you can save you from various disasters. Avoid paying fines , do not depend upon others for loan at the month end. The best alternate to have an eye on our daily cost and lead a contended life.


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