Facebook is one of the top social network across the world, It’s a place to find and keep in touch with your friends and share, comment, like something you really likes,  and chatting, video calling and a lot more with their friends and family. For normal users Facebook is a just a place for fun, but for tech geeks its a place for do more by using some Facebook Tips and Tricks, So that’s why I decided to write the some Best Facebook Tricks and Tips for those tech people to make Facebook more interesting.FB

There are lot of Facebook tricks are there, but I share some the most popular Facebook tips and tricks in this article. These Fb Tricks and Tips are evergreen and it will works well on Facebook and also I regularly updates this post.

Now, lets follow this simple Facebook tricks and tips for make your enhance your Facebook profile.

Useful Fb tricks for Enhance Facebook:

Trick to update blank status on Facebook:

This trick is used for just foolish your Facebook friends for make fun, Using this trick you can update your Facebook empty Facebook status.

facebook blank status

Here is How to Do that:

Simply copy paste this  @[3:3: ] on your Facebook status update box, that’s it now your blank status is updated on Facebook.

How To Download Facebook photo Album in a single click:

Bulk Download images (ZIG)  is the chrome extension for Facebook that allows us to download our photo album with just a single click, It’s really useful right because to view all photos on our big album takes some time. Downloading a single photo is but there is no any official option for download full photo album. For those who using slower network connection it’s very hard for view all photos on album and download one by one.

Facebook album bulk downloader

How To Accept All Friend Requests At Once:

For those who have a lot of pending friend request at on your Facebook profile, and you may tiered up with accepting all requests one by one, then here is the trick for accept all friend request at once on Facebook.

Accept all friend request at once on facebook

Here is How to Do That:

Step 1 :  Go to here for your pending friend requests on Facebook .

Step 2 :  Copy Paste this java script code on your address bar of your browser.

javascript:for( i = 1;i<document.getElementsByName("actions[accept]").length;i++){document.getElementsByName("actions[accept]")[i].click();}void(0);

Step 3 :  Make sure the javascript: on front of your address bar or else add it by your own, because in some browsers it’s removed automatically.

Step 4:  Now hit enter button that’s it all your pending request on Facebook is accepted by once.

How to Download Facebook Videos:

Download and Install Free Video Downloader for Google Chrome here , Using this google chrome extension you can download videos on Facebook with just single click.  There are lot of Google chrome extensions available for download Facebook videos but, I recommend this FVD for chrome extension, because it’s quite different from all other extensions, and easy to download all online videos with just right click save option.

How to Appear Online Only to Selected Friends:

Facebook chat is one of the best feature of FB,  However, was no time to chat with all friends on all time whenever I am on online , and I don’t want to feel them like, I was rejecting them and don’t replying for their messages. There is an option available on Facebook, Using that feature you can appear online for selected friends and offline for others.

Facebook chat for only some friends Here is How to Do that:

On the right side corner of your Facebook account the settings icon is there, Click settings and then advanced settings and now the pop up window will shows like screenshot below. there is three options are available first one is “Turn on chat for all friends except”  using this option you can turn off particular persons and turn on chat for all.

turn on chat for particular friends

And second one is “Turn on chat for some friends only” this feature allows to show online for only the selected friends by typing them name for friendliest. The last one is “Turn off chat” using this option you are able to turn off  online for all your Facebook friends and going to offline.

How to Remove Facebook Advertisements:

Facebook Ads Remover for Google chrome is the best tool for remove all advertisements on Facebook, It’s really too bad when loading unwanted advertisements on our Facebook profile right. With help of this Facebook advertisements remover you can block or remove all advertisements on Facebook.

Facebook Ads Remover

How To Send/Receive large files up to 1 GB on Facebook:

Check the pipe app on Facebook, It’s an another best Facebook trick for send or receive files size up-to 1GB, Using this pipe app you can send larger files directly on Facebook to your friends, Until your friend download that file it will stores for some days.

How To Find Out Who Unfriended You on Facebook:

While Facebook doesn’t give you the way for find out who un-friend you on Facebook, but with using this Who.deleted.me app you can find out exactly who is unfrinded you on Facebook recently by day, week,  month ago.


How to Do it:

Step 1:  Go to http://who.deleted.me/ website and click login with Facebook button.

Step 2:  Give permission for app access your Facebook information.

Step 3: Choose how do you would like to view your data by day, weak, month, or graph stat.

Note: When you registered newly it will shows the following message for until the Facebook data showup:

“Have you just registered? Please note that we might not have sufficient data for you yet which explains the empty fields above. Once something changes we’ll have that on record here.”

If you have any doubts on the above Facebook Tips and Tricks, or Share your experience through comment.