At some point in our life, we would have taken notes.  Note taking has helped us in understanding various concepts, information and talk of the hour with just a few words. The hints  can convey a wide meaning without the need of proper grammar, punctuation or spelling. Sounds useful right?

This was the role of popular note taking app called “Evernote”. This app is one of the by product of technological inventions that has replaced note pads, slip pads with mobile devices. This app facilitates creating , editing and accessing content with mobile as aid. This cloud based app allows you to work with content with ease and access it with full freedom without the need of other apps.

This Evernote app is being slowly replaced by various other alternate apps. The cross-platform feature of evernote is the main reason for its popularity among people.

There are useful apps that are worth replacing evernote. There are third-party apps that are emerging with improved versions of note taking app.

Evernote  is the top digital file drawer for managing and sharing notes.Its content can be shared and upgraded.The flexibility in using various media and graphics is not something people are satisfied with.

Here are the list of reasons for which people quit evernote and switch to other Evernote Alternatives.

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1. Evernote is not available for Linux users.

2.The set up files of evernote is really huge.

3. Evernote app can anytime become bloated.

4.The time taken to sync the content between evernote and other devices seems to be long.

5.This app doesn’t ease and encourage random notes.

6.This app looks crowded and clumsy.

7.People are often encountering bug issues.

Taking into account , these mishaps we have picked few Best Evernote Alternative for iPhone and iPad that will be highly useful for people.



One that tops the list is the Microsoft’s One Note.It makes our note taking task a easier one. One can create audio notes , PDF’s and PowerPoint presentations .Users have freedom to pin the often used notes.Make your notes look impressive by using various pen colors.Password protect your files and access it with touch ID.It is available for free


  • In app recorder allows you to record lectures or meetings.
  • Import PDF’s and other file formats.
  • Capture images and add photos.
  • Create interactive checklists.
  • Web clipper extension allows you to save web links for future reference.Web pages can be saved as notes.
  • You can create a separate notebook with saved notes.
  • Notes are synced with cloud and can restored anytime.
  • Voice dictation helps to use notes through apple watch.
  • All in one platform to write , scribble , copy , paste and edit notes.Arrange it in the required order.
  • Supported by iOS , Mac , Web and Android devices.


  • It is not just limited to Microsoft’s platforms.It is available everywhere.
  • The free from layout that helps in arranging the notes.
  • Organizing notes in multi levels.
  • Most of the features are free.


A cloud synced and easy to use app.Light weight and familiar to handle.It is a free app which allows you to take notes without distraction.

Initially it was a learning experience for creators.Now it is one of the minimalist note taking app.



  • A simple plain canvas that allows you to note down things.
  • You can anytime roll back to the note that you deleted by accident.
  • You can share a note to collaborate with coworkers.
  • The tags and pins helps in organizing.
  • Helps in updating your notes across devices.



  • Easy to use interface.
  • Responsive user interface.
  • Systematic and organized notes.
  • The handy simplenote’s history.
  • Clutter and distraction free cross-platform app.
  • Backing up , syncing and sharing of notes are completely free.


This digital note taking app  is supported only in iOS devices.It is available for  free and allows you to tag notes, posts or any quotes using hashtags.It enables syncing notes between iOS devices and Mac using iCloud.

The key elements that make letterspace stand out from other apps are the unique swipe bar , beautiful design and spare interface.


  • The swipe bar makes the scrolling across notes easier.You can navigate around in all direction with ease.
  • Each of your hashtags corresponds to a new virtual folder.

  • If you want to insert a tag to a new note , tap on that particular tag.
  • “@” helps to filter content by mentions.

  • You can export the notes as PDF or HTML.
  • It has a facility to change the font , style and theme.
  • If you want to delete or archive a note , just swipe the screen.
  • It has a hashtag key beneath the swipe bar for easy access.
  • Uses mark down syntax which is a web language that preserves the structure of your document.


  • Simple system , easy and plain to work with.
  • Hashtag plays a major role in exploring your notes.
  • User friendly work space
  • The swipe bar prevents the chaos and clutter.
  • It works across various other platforms.
  • Toolbar helps in quick tagging of notes.


This app helps in note taking and PDF annotation.You can use attractive ink to sketch and hand write.You can draw shapes , designs and graphs.

It allows you to give details to your thoughts with the help of sketching tools.You can scale , rotate and alter your notes.

If you love  doodle and sketching ideas , go for Notability.It is easy and simple to use.You can sync your notes iOS and Mac .


  • Navigation bar helps in editing text , record audio and highlight content.
  • Text styling pane helps in beautification of your notes.
  • The best feature of notability is handwriting tool.
  • Versatile app among others.Combines the features of other apps.
  • Auto Backup features allows you to sync with google drive.


Allows you to change the pen color , width and style according to your preferences.

Bold , italics , underline , bullets and numbering options are  available.

It adds simplicity in taking notes.

Provides preciseness and responsiveness.

Notability binds all the integrated sources into one contextual bundle.



Digital note taking app with great efficiency.Your visual ideas get space along with text.You can create checklist , record audio and capture moments with this app.Designed for iPhone and iPad.


  • Assign colors to note cards to keep is organized.
  • Grid and landscape view is available.
  • Pinch on the screen groups the cards.
  • Note cards behave like magnets when of grouping and ungrouping.
  • You font color changes according to card’s color.
  • Password protect your note cards.
  • Version history reveals earlier version details.


  • Organize and sync your notes without any chaos.
  • Hand gestures helps in easy handling.
  • Customizable options are a plus.
  • Interface and design boots user experience.
  • Notes are always  up to date.


Do not miss out the experience using these alternatives.Prefer apps that are easy to handle and familiar to use.Do not complicate the process of note taking.Try your hands on these alternatives to get unique experience.Decide and choose the one you are comfortable with.