Best Event and Party Planner Apps for Android

Planning an event is nothing less than a headache for most of us. But, as boring as event planning may seem, we have to do it anyway. If you are going to plan an event you have an android phone then the apps mentioned below will help you with it. By using these apps, you can plan any event in an organised and classified way.

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Best Event Management and Party Planning Apps for Android

1. Pocket Planner

With pocket planner app, you don’t need to keep any huge lists of paper about the information. This event management android app app helps us with all the event related tasks from food and beverage handling to even features for checking in. The app includes everything related to event planning, the required resources and how to do the things that one may do while planning any event.

2. Super Planner

Super planner is an app for those who are not good at event planning. With a bunch of features available in this social event planning app, you will no longer be required to remember each and every thing that you are supposed to prepare for your event. The capacity calculator that let  you to know the capacity of the venue so you can prepare it so. It also helps you to calculate prices for the food and beverages, so you know how much you will be spending on those things.

3. Event Planner

It is your party planner app with very interesting features. With this app, you can plan birthday parties, engagements or any other ceremonies in the best and simplest ways possible. This app lets you control everything that goes on in any event, like, number of guests. Further you can classify your guests and specify their gender, age, and such other details. The most useful feature that makes this app a success is its budget inventory. You can budget your event in a proper way which gives you the mobility and records all your expenditures etc.

4. Schedule Planner

This schedule planner app has features like charts that help you know the progress of your event so you know how fast or slow you are completing tasks for your upcoming event. It has a user-friendly interface that looks nice. The other features include task alerts and password protection, arranges options for tasks, birthday party planning etc.

5. Event Tracker

Event Tracker is a Simple and best event planning app that handles all your daily events and makes event creation easier. You just have to create an event, name it and give it a time delay. The app will do the rest for you.

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