Best Dictionary Apps for iPhone and iPad: Vocabulary Building Apps

Communication and vocabulary is a skill everyone should learn. People need to know the right word to use. They should gain knowledge on the usage of those words.

Who doesn’t love learning along with fun. There are lots of app that teaches using interactive methods. Those apps helps the users do great command over language.

Dictionary app is a convenient way and saves a lot of search time. App helps us to  learn new words at the time of travel. Best way to build your vocabulary in your free time.

The pronunciation plays a vital role in expressing oneself. There are best dictionary apps for iPhone and iPad with audio pronunciation features to guide the learners.

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 Tips to choose the right app :

  1. Do you need the app to work online or offline?
  2. The storage space of the app
  3. The content of the app
  4. Do you need audio feature in the app?
  5. Do you care about the user interface or just the content?

Make use of the tips in choosing the right app. We are here to make your search simple and easier.

Here are the list of Best Dictionary Apps for iPhone and iPad: Build Strong Vocabulary : :

This  is a popular and reliable dictionary app  available for free.Its  huge word bank  has nearly 2,000,000 definitions. A useful app for students and learners here.


  • You can search any word quickly with voice search.
  • Audio pronunciation teaches how to pronounce and spell a word.
  • Users can translate any words into 25 other languages.
  • It has a huge collection of thesaurus , antonyms , synonyms and definition.

  • There is no need for internet connection.
  • The search history is saved for future reference.
  • Quiz widget is a interactive and fun way to learn words.
  • Word of the day feature helps us to learn a new word.
  • Users can buy more specialized dictionaries to learn grammar, writing, science and more.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary :


The app aims to build vocabulary. It contains nearly 225000 definitions and audio pronunciation. A trust worthy american dictionary app for free here.


  • Quizes build your vocabulary and English knowledge.
  • Voice search saves a lot of time.
  • integrated thesaurus is available to learn synonyms and antonyms.
  • The sample sentences gives sense to the learning.
  • Search history supports 100 previous entries.
  • You can save the most used words in the favorite section.
  • The app has phonetics and word play back.

Oxford Dictionary :

This best offline dictionary for iPhone app is available for all iOS users. It has a bulk collection of words, phrases and meanings. This app works in offline mode. Contains a huge collection of rare and common words pronunciation, get this app here.


  • Massive collection of 350000 makes it pivotal for learners.
  • It provides guide on how to use a word.
  • Favorite feature lets you create custom folders.
  • American and British pronunciation is available for every word.
  • One of the advanced and powerful best free dictionary app for iPhone app.
  • 75000 audio pronunciation is available.

Word Vault :

This paid dictionary app for iPhone and iPad allows us to keep track of the words we wish to have.It has nearly 30000 words , stories and sentences. Get this App here.


  • Allows you to check other app using URL support feature.
  • We can check words and quiz to learn more.
  • With internet users can enjoy an extended dictionary.
  • This app  offers look up definitions and attach notes.
  • The app opens to show four options.

  • The app has Social,language and Emotional vaults. Each has varied options under each.

  • This is the best app for travelers to use anytime anywhere.
  • Children of varied age groups can use this app to gain knowledge.
  • The option to print helps the users at the time of revision.

Concise English Dictionary :


This best thesaurus app for iPad and iPhone has a word database of 4.9 million.”concise” means short and to the point.

Light and powerful  Learning app for iPhone and iPad with easy to use features. You can learn American , British and Australian pronunciation. Get this app from here.



  • This app has a clean interface and unique layout.
  • The app updates and modifies data regularly.
  • The advanced version of this app has a deep and detailed options.
  • There are no add on’s and ads . You get what you see.
  • You can edit your search history.
  • Users can make use of the bookmark feature.
  • Visual thesaurus makes the app interactive.
  • Helps us know the exact right word and usage.
  • This app is known for short and easy to understand definitions.

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Learning has no age bars. Your thirst to learn new words will increase with these fun apps. English and vocabulary is a vast subject.

Upgrade your skill and impress everyone with your vocabulary. Teach your children, peers a new word everyday. Knowledge is power. Share it and let it multiply.

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