Even though with stories everywhere WhatsApp/Facebook/Instagram (thankfully not twitter yet..phew!) people might think that Snapchat has lost its uniqueness. But the real Snapchatters know that that’s not true. The question is are you one of those Snapchatters who knows the in and out of the app? Let’s find out.

Many of the features of the features if Snapchat are hidden and we need to know precisely what gestures to make so that we can use those features. Here is a list of Best Cool Snapchat Tips, Hidden Tricks and Secret Hacks you might not know about.

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1.Snap Map

What if I told you that you don’t have to do group chats anymore and you can just see where your friends are just by pinching your phone? Sounds absurd right? Well not with Snapchat’s new feature SnapMap. Every Snapchat user has to create a ‘Bitmoji’ which is used as location pointer of each user. You can also add your story to “our story” which makes the story public for your location and is visible to any person who wants to view snaps location-wise.

You can also enter a “ghost-mode” where you are able to see your friends’ locations but no one would be able to see yours. All you have to do to activate the map is to open the camera screen of Snapchat, front/back and pinch the screen. It will open a map displaying all the friends in your list who have agreed to show their location. You can see where

your friends are hanging out and just drop by or if you are an introvert (like me) you can avoid them! If you’re worried about your privacy, no need to stress about it since your location is updated only when you are using Snapchat so you easily avoid your tracking. Anyway “ghost mode” feature is always available. The usage of this app is totally at your disposal. Use it well!


Listening to some song and don’t know the title of the song? Guess what, Snapchat can help you out here too. Just long press on your camera screen of your Snapchat app and wait till “shazam” recognizes the song for you with all the info about it! Though there are many other apps developed for the sole purpose of recognizing songs, isn’t it better to have most features in a single app? Moreover after recognizing the song Snapchat gives you options of sharing your song with your friends and listening to your song right away.

3.Applying Multiple filters

You can add multiple filters to your snap, like the temperature, date and location etc. at the same time. How to do it:

  • Take a snap as you would normally do.
  • Choose a filter by swiping left.
  • Once you have selected a filter hold the snap with your thumb and swipe left again for more filters on top of it. Repeat the process for another filter.
  • If not satisfied, just swipe right and all filters will be removed and your original snap would be displayed.

4. Pinning an emoji on a moving target

Do you have a funny bone and want to spice up your snap? There are simple ways to do it. A simple winky face emoji on a moving object can make something a lot more funny.

Steps to do it:

  • Take a video on Snapchat with a moving object.
  • After the video is done select a and emoji, resize it and put that emoji on the moving object which would be stationary now while placing the emoji.
  • Just release it and you are done!

5.Zoom in and out by using just one finger

You don’t have to pinch on your screen to zoom in and out while recording a video anymore. Just slide your finger on the screen. Slide upwards to zoom in and slide downwards to zoom out.

6.Use “Travel Mode” to save data and battery life

The “Travel mode” in the settings helps us to save mobile data and battery while you are travelling around and don’t have a charger with you. This mode downloads snap stories only when you tap on them instead of automatically downloading them.

7.Switch between front camera and rear camera while a video recording

While you are recording a video, just double tap on the screen

to switch the cameras.

8.Record a video and send without sound

Sometimes you want to dial out the noise in your surroundings which is not an aid to your Snapchat video. You can easily do that. After you record a video, simply tap the microphone icon in the bottom left corner of the screen before hitting the blue s

end button

9.Stop seeing a publisher story

In the discover section, if there is some particular publisher story you want to stop seeing, just long press on the story and you will get an option of “hide story”.

10. QR code scanner

Like shazam, a music recognizer is embedded into Snapchat, the app is also capable of scanning QR codes. Just hold you camera in front of the QR code and long press the screen. You will get a pop-up redirecting  you to the web-link.

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Apart from these there are many other little Snapchat tips and tricks and hacks. If you happen to know any more of them please mention them in our comments section and spread the word.

Happy snapping!