We all love food. Some are fond of specific cuisine , some of us have a bucket list of restaurants to visit, some of us have endless love for home cooked food. But not all of us are good cook. Many of us have a nil idea about cooking . This article is for people who love delicious foods and are eager to try them at home.

Here is an opportunity to cook foods that you love with ease. These best free cooking apps available in app store  has gorgeous food photographs , clear step by step instruction. From now on to cook all that you need is a iOS device and the right app. Get foodilicious within minutes by cooking your favorite menu. Impress your mom and surprise your dad with your hand cooked food.

The list of Best Cooking and Recipe Apps for Any iOS Devices that has been picked as a range of recipes , from various cuisines and varieties from across the globe to upgrade your cooking skills.

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Best Cooking and Recipe Apps: iPad/iPhone Apps

Food Network in the Kitchen :

Mobile app of one of the most popular TV giant. Through this app you can use all of theirs vast library of cooking recipes. Helps you big time in your kitchen as it provides instant access to various recipes.



  • This app holds a database of more than 50,000 recipes.
  • You can search based on recipe name , course , chef and the date it was aired.
  • One can enhance their cooking skills better with the “how to” video.
  • Brilliant use of the screen space to accommodate huge collection resulted in user friendly interface. With lots of recipes the app doesn’t look clutter.
  • User can save a recipe in the ‘recipe box’ for later reference.
  • This app has various tools which can be used for our convenience like “Unit conversion” ‘Easy to use timers” and so on.
  • You can share any recipe in any of your social networking site from this app.
  • The “Shopping list” features allows customer to list the ingredients that are to be purchased before heading to a market.


The recipe app that holds upto 250 paleo recipes. Ideal app to eat everything from meat , grain free and delicious meals and keep up a paleo diet. Cravings and health go together with this app.


  • Search based on category from the various options like breakfast , chicken and others.
  • From the list of recipes that appear , tap on the recipe which grabs your attention.
  • Simple illustrations help us learn it easily and keep up our health.
  • Have a track of your calories with the nutritional data.
  • Users can add notes to the recipes.
  • This app lets you to plan your week’s meal by adding recipes to your shopping list.
  • This is a best cooking app for non vegetarian folks who are diet and fitness conscious.
  • Users have access to various information like ingredients needed , cooking time and the image of final product.
  • We can change the measurements from U.S and imperial with just one button.



This food recipe app download available apple app store is for you if you wish to search and save a dish instantly . Manage recipes by capturing it from various cookbooks and magazines.


  • The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature lets you capture things easily along with accuracy.
  • Instant search is available with the built in web browser. It lets you search any recipe quickly.
  • To customize the app and its usage , users can categorize and order them in the preferred order.
  • Access your recipes from any device by  iCloud sync.
  • Every recipe is unique. Saving it and referring it will keep the style.
  • View the recipes in full screen mode with original format for better understanding.


It is one of the top ranked apps for food and cooking lovers with  500,00 plus recipes. A well designed and easy to use feature makes it a app worth trying your hands on.


  • Know about the ingredients that you will need to purchase with the “Grocery list” feature.
  • The grocery list automatically categorizes the ingredients and makes our work easier.
  • This app integrates shopping , offers by linking the local store available.
  • Plan a perfect meal with the “Meal Planning Tool”.
  • Import a recipe from a different recipe site , compare the ingredients price in various local market , cook a delicious meal.


With the best cooking apps for beginners in your mobile , you can turn into master chef without any proper training or class. Among the list of must try apps , choose one to cook an appetizing meal and serve it to your  dear ones. Treat yourself with these lip smacking dishes without having to spend a lot of money and wasting time on restaurant scouting. Enjoy food without involving any risk as home cooked foods are the best in terms of quality and hygiene.

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