Best Contacts/Address Book Management Apps for iPhone

There  was a time when people used to carry a diary or small notebook to make a phone call. Before the invention of mobile phones , every house had a contact storage book. It had all the phone numbers , fax numbers , email ID and address.

People used to depend on that torn , scribbled and old diaries to connect with people. After mobile phone era , contact app had all the contacts stored digitally. It replaced the notebooks and diary with one tap digital storage facility.

But not all inbuilt contact app serves the best to its users.  To give a solution to such a chaos and inability, there are lots of apps launched. In apple store you can find a lot of apps to store and manage business contacts and address.

To save your time and make your work easier you may need the right app from the lot. We have picked the best apps from the huge collection based on quality , features and functioning capacity.

Here are the list of  Best iPhone Contacts/Address Book Management Apps for you to choose based on your need and features of those that suits you :

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Best apps for managing contacts on your iPhone


It  is a free iOS app for organizing , storing and managing contacts. This feature rich app allows you to add tag to keep your contacts organized.

Context to Contact is the top-notch. You can see recent tweets and Facebook updates.

If you have lots of contacts in different places , this app helps you by syncing them across google , iOS and full contact.

This app evolved from a website . It allows users to easily search contacts through customized tags.

Users can quickly call , tag and view their contact’s social media profile without any extra step. You can back up contacts in cloud and it gets synced across web and google.

Full contact binds you Google , iCloud , LinkedIn and various other contact together. Users can connect each address book through tags of their choice and unify them. Users can merge duplicate contacts with ease.

You can find everything about your contacts like where they work and other stuffs. To sync your contacts to google , you should turn off the security features in your device.


This paid app for iOS is very simple and handy to use. Users can easily create groups of contacts. Contacts can be filtered based on their company / job title. This app has the ability to display the contacts we are looking for without the need for name or email.

We can create a favorite list of contacts to use it anytime. Even with their birth dates helps to  filter and search. It is a light contact managing app with powerful organizing features. Smart dialer and smart search filters makes our work easy to find a person in no time. With a single swipe you can delete a duplicate contact.

Users can send messages and mails in bulk . Group texting and mailing is the highlight feature of this app. Importing exporting backing up and deleting duplicate contacts are handy.



This app has contacts that you put as a list . You can anytime delete contact groups. It does not leave any trace of that contact in your iPhone. By deleting a contact , you can make it disappear from the entire database.


You can save time by deleting in bulk with one tap and not selecting them individually. Groups also lets you filter based on email , company and photos. Contacts can be grouped into different categories like colleagues, family and friends.

  • Quickly accessible .
  • Fully organized
  • managing any groups of contacts.
  • Dealing with duplicate contacts made easy.

It is free to download and focuses mainly on mass mailing and message sending.This feature may the most needed for people who maintaining contacts for their business.




This works same as groups. You can create as many groups as you want. To that group users can send mails and messages with single tap.

To call , message , send mail or Facetime with any of the contact , swipe the contact to right. Connect helps you in splitting them into different groups to use easily. You can keep your address in perfect order. Users can assign theme colors to each group.

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If you are an organized person and love to keep your things in perfect order , its the right time to switch over to one of these third party apps. Choose the right app to save your time and keep up your iPhone contacts. This choice of yours can prevent the chaos and help you to take extra care of your data.

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