Best Chrome Extensions and Apps You Should Have

Google Chrome is the most used and fastest web browser in the world, Ready to get the most out of by using this best chrome extensions and apps. Google chrome has a clean user interface as well as simple syncing with smartphones or tablets. However this browser also gains advantage from a lot of handy extensions on the Chrome Web Store. Here I have compiled a list of best extensions for Google chrome and also best apps for Google chrome for make your Chrome browsing much easier, Instead of installing all Google chrome apps extensions mentioned in this list, I recommend you to install only good chrome extensions which perfectly suits with your needs.Google Chrome

AdBlock Plus : (Block Advertisements)

ABP chrome ad-blocker

AdBlock Plus (ABP) is one of the most favored adblockers on the web. Using this chrome extension we can block suspicious online ads.  ABP comes with a easy setup, faster loading and pre-specified filter lists which allow users to easily block most advertisements on online, along with the possibility to filter malware as well as social media buttons. Smart people can also pick more block lists, and also set custom made filters or whitelists on Adblock for block most of the online advertisements.  AdBlock Plus enables “non-intrusive advertising” via filters, that may upset quite a few users, although this could be disabled in settings.

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Personal Blocklist : (Block Search Results)

Block search results on google chrome

Personal Blocklist is actually a best and simple Chrome extension by Google that allows you to manually block websites that showed in search results on your Google chrome browser. Using this useful chrome extension you can filter or block some spam results and other suspicious links, and also blocking unnecessary hosts and websites which you wish. The blocklists are also sent to Google for improve them searches. Users can also view their blocklist easily, and users may also unblock sites if they blocked them in past by mistake.

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Hover Zoom: (Enlarge thumbnails on mouse over)

Image Zoom in Chrome

Hover Zoom is a useful tiny Google chrome extension that zooms in on images that you hover over. This extension is very useful for photographers, They can easily browse through image galleries by simply hovering over the thumbnail to see the full size of picture. Forget about opening with new image tabs or loading new web pages. Large pictures are instantly resized to suit your screen, It works on many sites (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Reddit, Amazon, Tumblr, etc).

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Extensity: (Chrome Extension Manager)

Extensity chrome extension manager

Extensity works as a Chrome extensions manager that available on the right corner browser toolbar.  An ultimate tool for making your chrome browser faster. When you have installed too many chrome extensions or apps this Extensity  allows you to easily enable when you want to use, or else simply disable them for faster browsing.  By simply clicking on the Extensity button reveals a drop-down menu listing your all installed extensions and Chrome apps on your browser. By selecting on extensions lets you selectively turn them enable or disable, while you clicking on it launches the chrome app.

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TooManyTabs for Chrome: (Manage Your Tabs)

TooManyTabs Chrome

There is a some difficulty with tabbed browsing, when you are opening too many tabs in a single window it cause to be difficult to view the title of all tabs instantly. TooManyTabs is a Google chrome extension provides an alternate tab management user interface, showing all open webpages as thumbnails for easy browsing. Still too many tabs to visit through? Type in the search box to absolutely no in on particular tabs.

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Awesome Screenshot: (Capture whole page & Annotate )

Awesome Screenshot  Chrome

Awesome Screenshot provides tools which make capturing and annotating portions of webpages easily. Captured screenshots could be saved directly to the user’s PC or uploaded to for quick sharing. capture whole webpages or any portion of web page easily and save images even more than 2MB.

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Chrome Remote Desktop: (Remote Sharing Online)

Remote desktop sharing on chrome

Chrome Remote Desktop is an amazing chrome extension that allows users to Gain access to other PC’s or allow another user to access your computer simply and securely on the Online. You are able to allow short time access for others for access your computer over online, or setup some thing long-term for remote access to applications and files. This simple chrome extension is easy to install and use remote desktop, somebody using the additional software or tools like Team viewer or windows desktop sharing for this remote sharing. Now you can do this remote desktop sharing on Google chrome itself.

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Get Pocket : (Easily save articles for Read Later)

GetPocket Offline Reading App

If you think yourself regularly seeing exciting articles to read but do not have the time for you to read them on there, then GetPocket : Chrome extension is the best choice for you. Simply click the GetPocket button on the top corner of the browser where it can saves the specific page so you’re able to read later. This chrome extension is very useful for bloggers, Because using this Pocket (offline reading app) they easily save the any online articles with images and videos for read later.  The great thing about the application is that additionally, it carries onto your mobile version of Chrome!.

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  1. I haven’t feel this kinda extension features available for this G chrome..

    i usually use torch..and nice to review the article..

    1. In Google chrome store lot of best and useful extensions are available, I just listed some of my favorite here, I recommend you to use Google chrome browser and it’s extension for make most out of your online browsing experience. Thanks for your views Rahul, Keep visiting.

  2. Even with this ‘TooManyTabsForChrome’ extension, there’s no way of managing the tabs like panorama (firefox) did..

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