In this technology era , everything and anything has an app. There are lots of shopping apps that helps us in buying products at least rate. These shopping apps acts as a shopping guide and manage household grocery within our budget.

We definitely need opinions and reviews before we buy something. Unless we are satisfied with the performance and quality we would not choose that. In that category choosing  a car is a tedious process. We will have lots of queries and doubts.

Since we are going to put in a lot of money we will think a lot before deciding.Keeping in mind your need for car purchase help , apple store has a good collection of car purchase app for its users.

Irrespective of you looking for a brand new car or used one these apps are of great use. You can save your time by doing the first phase of searching and scrutinizing with these apps.

With these app your pain of going to a dealer, get the best price and so many queries may cut. These app offer a lot of features like

  1. Alerts you if there is a price drop.
  2. Guides you on car loan.
  3. Monitors your credit and cross checks if your bank is stealing your money.
  4. Understands your need and budget. Suggests cars based on your need.
  5. You will have the freedom to bargain with dealers and second hand sellers.

Here are the list of Best Car Buying Apps For iPhone and iPad based on maximum downloaded , top rated and unique features.

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Best Car Buying Apps For iPhone and iPad – New & Used Cars :


This best car buying app searches new and used cars for its users. You can search based on its model and make. Once you have selected three cars, it lets you compare those three simultaneously.

Users can read the reviews from multiple buyers. Lets you search cars availability near you based on your need with the help of filters and sort.


  • Users can search about dealership information.
  • Compare three products at the same time.
  • The reviews available in this app has information about how to handle the car , style and comparison to its competitors.
  • It has a built in car loan calculator.
  • It offers various information on monthly payment , down payment  , interest and trade in.
  • Users can also set monthly amount they can afford and then search cars based on that.
  • Users are exposed to trade in value and private sale value of the car.
  • This app has a simple interface and lets you set favorite.

TrueCar: The Car Buying App :

This car sets you with the dealers for you have a clear idea on the cars. It is one of the interesting apps available to buy a car. It lets the users to search based on their want with comfort.


  • This app lets you connect with 13000 certified dealers across US.
  • Users can receive price details for 1 million in stock cars.
  • You can know the price of cars in your area and best price of the cars you are looking for.
  • This app is the favorite for both users and dealers.
  • You can connect to a dealer directly and schedule a test drive.
  • This app allows the users to save their favorite car , preferred color and incentives.
  • Users can save up a lot of money if they buy through this app.

CarMax: Used Cars for Sale :

The CarMax used car search pro app for iPhone reduces stress and  delivers a great way to look at used cars. Users can see the pricing without dealing with a dealer when you start the process.



  • This app has the access for 13500 vehicles.
  • Users can see a list of used car dealership that reduces the stress.
  • The company lists a price for the car that cuts out a lot of the negotiating.
  • It only delivers exclusively for  CarMax location to the buyers.
  • Users can get alert for  prices drop and calculate payments on your phone.
  • This app allows you to compare 10 cars at once.
  • App provides  free vehicle history reports,  CarMax’s expert and customer reviews.
  • Scan window stickers or bar codes to use a vehicle’s information at any CarMax dealership.

Edmunds :

This car buying app commercial makes the search for certain cars a easy one. It is an expert auto advice with car pricing tools and calculator.

It informs its users a range of information related to buying cars.




  • The shopping features list vehicles that match your specifications.
  • Its top tier car review helps its buyers in lot of ways.
  • The helpful “costs of ownership” section breaks down average costs for fuel and repairs.
  • Lot Buddy — a tool that switches on when you enter a dealership lot. This features also informs about nearby price, offers and discounts.
  • The app also has a True Market Value indicator for those who are shopping for brand-new cars.

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There is app for everything today. Car buying is never an exception. Most of the apps among the list are free. Hence you can download all the free car buying apps and make the best use of these apps and get collective benefits.

In this world of money playing the vital role , choose your car  wisely. With a detailed research with these apps , buy cars that are worth your money.