iPhone camera delivers the best photo compared to other devices. We all love to look great and clear in our pictures. Sometimes the climate, fog, sunlight may disappoint us. To overcome all those external barriers apple stores has lots of photo apps with filters and effects.

Every other android and windows editing apps will have filters and effects. Nothing can replace the features of iPhone apps. They make sure you have the perfect interface and good quality images.

These app enhances the look. Gives lots of work to your mind and creativity.

The difficulty is to choose the right app. Once you launch apple store and search for photo editing apps the list will surprise you. You may not know which one will suit your need.

Trail and error method is not going to work. That will swallow you data and time.

To save up your time we have worked on the best apps available. We have hand picked the Best Photo Filters and Effects Apps for iPhone and iPad, iPod Touch.

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Best Camera Filters and Effects Apps for iPhone and iPad


Instagram is one of the best app to capture, share and edit photos. There are 300 million users for this app. The reach and popularity of this app is all because of its new filters and edit settings. Users get new filters everyday from this app.



  • Custom designed filters are available for free.
  • 10 new tools helps in adjusting brightness, contrast and saturation.
  • Custom stabilization helps in giving a cinematic view to your videos.
  • You can preview the look while clicking on the desired filter.
  • In the story section, swiping left changes the filters.

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One of the most popular app mainly aimed for photo editing. A all purpose editing app rendering quality output. Has a powerful collection of equipped set of tools.


  • This app is inclusive of all the basic photo processing techniques.
  • The effect options like exposure, color, sharpening, cropping are available.
  • Selective adjustments and removing unwanted objects is available.
  • Great set of creative filters to give a new look to your photos.
  • Texture, blur effects and monochrome effects are available to set a new mood to the image.
  • Vignette, filters, HDR and healing tools available.

Everyone knows the quality level of iPhone camera. This app will be worth the quality in glorifying the look and feel.

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The best app for budding photographers. Rich collection of filters and user-friendly tools makes it easy to use app.

It is a free app and is definitely one of the stand out app.


  • VSCO’s presets are well designed and gives a classic look.
  •  filters feature a soft, slightly faded look to the pictures.
  • Users can adjust any filter to suit them.
  • The app also features a number of highly effective editing and adjustment tools for fine-tuning your image.
  • Beautiful and subtle one-tap presets.
  • Adjustable filter strength.
  • Large range of presets available to download.
  • Image adjustment tools for exposure, color and other enhancements.
  • Integrated camera and photo sharing platform.

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This best iPhone photo editing apps for selfies has creative and artistic tools. It has a lot of basic and advanced editing tools. A collection of artistic effects to add creativity to images.


  • Mask tool helps in editing selected parts of image.
  • It has a built in help feature.
  • Selective control over exposure, color and details
  • Built-in masking option within every tool for seamless blending of effects
  • Crop, rotate, straighten, correct perspective
  • Filters, gradients, light leaks, vignettes
  • Black and white, painterly and sketch effects
  • Clone tool for removing unwanted defects
  • Double-exposure, tilt-shift, photo montages
  • Drawing tools, text, borders and frames.

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The best cut and paste photo app containing 600 plus instant effects. All the filters and effects are categorized for easy use. It is a cloud based editing app.


  • You can collect all your pictures and combine as a college.
  • Automatic face detection adds more fun.
  • The photo realistic features allows you to insert a image to a ancient book or a dollar bill.
  • The impressive filters makes your picture look vivid.
  • New filters fill your menu on regular basis.
  • They have a suggestion box for the users to drop in their views.
  • You can do the basic edit like rotate and crop a image.

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There will be lot of differences between what we see through our eyes with that of camera lens. This gap can be filled with the help of these best photo editing apps for iPhone. The quality of the image iPhone camera offers is still a challenge to its users. By making greatest use of these above mentioned apps, you can create incredible images.

Make maximum use of these best iPhone and iPad camera filters and photo apps, make your photos stand out from that of your friends.