The zombie apocalypse is no joke. Just ask Canada’s parliament, which knew it had to come up with a solid plan to survive, even if they have the snow to fall back on, Time reports. While you might not be living in a country that takes the impending zombie threat seriously, you do have access to apps that improve your chances of surviving instead of getting bitten early on and rampaging your way through your old friends and family.


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First Aid

If you’re not a lone wolf, you’re going to have a hard time in the post-apocalypse world, as the survivors are even more dangerous than the zombies. However, if you have essential medic skills, you can generally persuade any attackers that you’re better to them alive than dead. First Aid (Refresher) is one app that will save your bacon, as you can quickly go down a list of symptoms and diagnose your patient. Unlike many medical diagnostics websites, going through the first aid app will not convince you that you have a rare and horrible disease.


You don’t want to stumble around in the dark with zombies lurking. If you’re caught out in the wild and you need to find a hiding place ASAP, Flashlight is the app for you. It uses the camera flash as an illumination source, and works well even on a cheap Android phone from T-mobile or another provider. This is one way to make good use of your old phones.

Finding Your Bearings

You’re going to need to maximize your looting time, especially if you’re weaving in and out of zombie infestations. Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping you find the store with all of the guns and weapons, take a look at AroundMe to get a full list of businesses accessible from your current location. After a few months of the apocalypse, it’s hard to recognize buildings by their normal landmarks, anyway.

Zombie Survival Guide

The last thing you want is to end up in the zombie apocalypse without a handy dandy survival guide, and this app makes one available in an easy-to-navigate graphical interface so you can digest the information while avoiding being digested.

Advance Preparation

If you want to get ready well in advance of the end of the world, the Zombies, Run! app gamifies a zombie situation and helps get you boost your cardio stamina. When all of your friends are getting eaten left and right, you can look at their zombie counterparts with a smug I-told-you-so look on your face since you’ve already prepared for doomsday. It might not make up for the horrors going on around you, but it’s at least something to look forward to.