Best Apps to Track Lost / Stolen Android Devices

Almost everyone has a smart phone today. Information is carried in your pocket with a smartphone. People have adapted to this technology very well and now these smartphones have become an indispensable part of our daily life. Remember the day you forgot to get your phone to work? The day could be worse if you lose it. Horrible isn’t it! Each and every piece of information gets on stake and even the beautiful memories in the form of photos and videos are on the verge of getting lost Technology has grown long way now it’s easy to track your lost/ stolen phone while sitting and worrying about it. Most of the smart phone in the market uses Android as their Operating System. I have listed few best apps to track lost / stolen android devices.

Where’s My Droid

A free android device tracking app from Alienman to track your device if it’s lost or stolen. Make your device shout when it’s misplaced, track lost android phone GPS, your device will send a Flare alert when it’s running on low battery, send a text from your friend’s phone and get the device current latitude or longitude location and Google map link via SMS, or use the web portal(Commander) to track your phone. Wondering what will happen if the person stole my device change SIM card? Here is the answer Droid will update information of the new SIM or phone number details to the Commander.

Pro version has features like take pictures when it’s stolen, Lock device, data wipe remotely, prevent the person stole the phone from uninstalling application, hide the app icon.

Where’s My Droid

Plan B

Lookout labs have designed an android app track location to save your device when it’s lost/stolen. This application uses cell phone towers and GPS to locate your phone. Once the software is set up it will start sending emails to the Gmail account associated with your Google play every 10 minutes whether the phone is moving or not. Request the coordinates by sending SMS “locate” from any other phone.

What if my data connection is turned off by the person stole my phone?

Plan B will use mobile originated SMS and send location

Email with Phone location will be sent to your Google account associated with the device.

Plan B lookout plan b

Android Lost

Use Android Lost to track Lost Android!!The Free app lets you take a picture with front and rear camera remotely. Start or stop Data/ Cellular/ Wi-Fi/GPS connection by SMS. Email when SIM card is changed. Trigger an Alarm when the phone is misplaced. Remote Install Application and manage remotely, Wipe data to prevent Misuse, lock device and locate it by GPS or Network.

Why loose calls when your phone is lost / stolen divert calls to another number when the phone is stolen. Get updated call list to make tracking easier. This app lets you hide to prevent un-installation.

Android Lost

SeekDroid Lite

User-friendly design!! Once your device is activated with the software hide the application no one knows the phone is being tracked. Get call logs, send an SMS to change the device sound profile, Locate device via text, Lock your phone remotely, securely wipe and retrieve most recent call logs

Pro version comes with some interesting features, control multiple devices from one account. This app will leave Breadcrumb on the map to make it track easily if the battery drains out. It lets you save 30 days of history of your device location, Sends an alert when your phone leaves designated area (Isn’t it a parenting control option!!!)

SeekDroid Lite


A basic anti-Theft application to locate your phone via GPS, track changes made to your device/ SIM, take pictures with the phone camera and view them online, get an email alert when SIM card has changed This is one of the oldest apps in the android market/ Google Play. The developer made this application free.


As smart devices have become an important part in our life, keeping them safe is equally important especially if you have sensitive or confidential data like banking information, business contacts, and passwords. These applications can help you to keep your data / device safe. Don’t forget to turn on the tracking feature before you lose your phone!

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