If you are newbie to Android and you want to check out all features on android smartphone, and you wanna try some best android tips and tricks for utilize your smartphone. Don’t worry In this article I have compiled a list out some of my favorite and useful android tips and tricks.

Android is a best and popular operating system for your smartphone provided by Google. Even comparing with lot of mobile operating systems like Windows, Blackberry, iOS, android is the most and widely used mobile operating system used in the world. Android is an open source operating system developed from Linux, and developed with a many advanced features on android smartphone. Android changed the smartphone technology, and got the first place in smartphone market.

In this article I am featuring the Best Android Tips and Tricks that may improve your experience with android smartphone. The following best android tricks explained in this article may vary little bit depend upon the android OS versions. Android OS initially started from the (2.x) version and up-to now they  released lot of versions, Kit Kat 4.4 is the latest version of android operating system.

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How to Disable App Notifications:

App notification is the one of the best feature available on android operating system for notify the app updates to users. But somebody do not like this feature and they don’t want to getting annoyed, If you know this an app notification also drys your battery, So turning off this app notification may save your android smartphone battery power.

Follow the steps below to turn off app notification on android:

Step 1 : While the notification on notification bar, long click the notification for the below message screen to appear.

Step 2 : In the App info screen like screenshot, untick the show notification check box.

Step 3 : Now you got one warning message like screenshot. Click OK for disable notification.

Step 4 : Here I have just disabled the notification for Google play music app, Using the same procedure you can disable all app notifications.


Disable App Notification on Android


How to Disable Mobile Data:

Whenever we enable the mobile data on android smartphone, In background process is taking the our mobile data. Mobile data is the one the most power consuming process, It can dry our android smartphone very quickly. So if you want to turn off this mobile data when you don’t use internet follow this easy steps.

Turn off mobile data

Step 1 : Go to settings and click Data Usage option.

Step 2 : Untick the Mobile Data for turn off .

Step 3 : When you need to use internet tick the Mobile data option for enable data usage.

How to Add Multiple Google Accounts:

All android devices are needs to must add a Google account for use Google play store services, If you have more than one Google accounts and wants to sync with Google. It’s very simple to add multiple Google accounts on android follow the steps for know that.

How to add more than one google account on android

Step 1 : Go to Settings on your android smartphone menu.

Step 2 : On the settings screen you will see the option like Add Accounts, and click on that.

Step 3: Now you can add the another Google account or Facebook, WhatsApp accounts.

How to Disable automatic App Updates:

Automatic app update is the feature that enables your android device to update the apps when the update for the apps available on market. This is also takes lot of mobile data and battery for running on background process. If you really want to disable this automatic app updates follow the steps below.

Disable App Auto Updates

Step 1 :  Go to Google Play Store and the tap settings option.

Step 2 :  Tap on that automatic app updates.

Step 3 :  Choose Do not auto-update apps.

Note: If you want to update apps manually, simply swipe out on the Play Store and tap My Apps. Tap the app that you need to update or else you want to update all apps just click Update All.

How to Speedup your Android Device with Disabling Animations:

Animations are actually slow down our android device, If you need to speedup your android device for work with faster, then disable this animations on your android smartphone using the following steps.

Disable Animations

Step 1 :  Go to Settings > Developer Options.

Step 2 :  And Select Window Animation Scale option.

Step 3 :  On the Window Animation Scale you will see there is some options for change your Animation Speed.

Step 4 : Select “Animations Off” for disable animations for your smartphone.

How to Turn Off Auto-Correction:

When we typing our mobile suggesting some words whats you going to type, If you feel this auto- correction on while typing irritate then turn off this auto-correction.

Turn off auto correction

Step 1 : Go to Settings and then tap Language & Input option.

Step 2 : Tap on Keyboard setting which one your using like Google Keyboard settings.

Step 3 :  Select Auto-Correction and Select Off  for turn off this.

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