To begin with, Steam is a digital distribution platform. Valve corporation is behind the development of Steam. It offers DRM, online multiplayer gaming and social networking services. Key features include in-game voice chat, community features, Installation and automatic updates.

Well, one can not argue that Steam is leading the market of online gaming. When it comes to Distributing PC games digitally, It is an undisputed champion. Steam has completed over 2 Billion game sales. However, there are very bold and worthy alternatives of Steam, some of them are even DRM free. In this list, we discuss 10 best alternatives to Steam.

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 GOG Galaxy.

On a serious note, This is a game changer. It could give Steam a run for its money. GOG stands for “good old games“, and as the name suggests, it provides an extended catalog for older games that are not usually found on other platforms. One of the key features is that it is 100% DRM free. Which means, you can download the self-contained packages for the game so you won’t even need to authenticate it with other services. You can download it and even share it with your friends. Also, you may copy it to an external USB stick or Hard drive. It has lesser restrictions and gives the user a choice to play online or offline. Once downloaded, you can run a game on your computer without an internet connection.

Green Man Gaming

This gaming website keeps on coming up with deals now and then. Sometimes it can offer like Summer sale which gets hard to resist. You could even find big titles like Watch Dogs, DOOM, etc. It is a U.K based retailer and boasts a massive catalog of over 5200 games. GMG is definitely worth a try.

Heaven! It is an Indie game heaven. If Indie gaming is your style, then is your ride. You get a massive catalog having over 58,000 games. Most of which, are free. As it is a platform to support Indie game development, some big names from the gaming industry could be absent.



Origin game client, Big games, huge discounts. Origin is famous for providing massive discounts which are on par with Steam, during the holiday season. You can easily find Huge Titles like FIFA 2017, Battlefield etc. If you want all the Big names and light prices, ORIGIN is the destination for you. Beating steam with its pricing strategy, this can save a good amount of money if you grab the opportunity at the right time.


You must have heard about it. It is famous for its DRM free “Pay what you want” game bundles. You will often find some game deals around the corner, percent of which goes to charity. Humble is focused on building a stack of Indie and small publisher games, but you can find Big titles also. This website offers some cool exclusive indie games that are not usually found anywhere else.

Windows Game Store

It is quite surprising to find this on Windows 10. Yes! Windows 10 comes with a built in game store. While you cannot expect much from this store, you can find some PC versions of popular mobile games. Also, few titles can share achievements and save points across Xbox and PC. It is not of much use, But it is already there on your PC if you have Windows 10.


Ubisoft is a well-established brand in the world of gaming. Ubisoft has come up with a DRM platform Uplay. It is quite similar to Origin, But unlike Origin, Ubisoft offers its release on other platforms like Steam as well. Also, you can trade your unit rewards with discounts on games on Storefront.


Oneplay has to offer a Web Store like interface. Offering you a windows client dedicated to downloading games directly from the company’s system. Well, it has a unique concept of game rentals, you could rent a game for 30 days and play it. However, not all the games are available for rent now. It also provides a monthly VIP subscription for USD 10 per month which allows you to select games from its extended library of Indie and older games.


Even though its collection isn’t as great as other services, It has a unique concept. It has unique “Blue coin System” through which a customer can earn Blue coins on every purchase and by participating in the GamersGate’s community. Blue coins can be used for any Digital purchase on the site. Though it’s not as popular as steam, it is a viable alternative as it provides you to spend the digital cash earned through the website to make in-game purchases or purchasing new content from the website itself.


Direct2drive offers Direct download on most of the titles, it is pay and download right away.
The company also offers DRM activation on Steam, Uplay etc. It also offers pre-orderable games for purchase.
Though this company is not owned by IGN anymore it definitely has not deviated from its core too much. Well, this is unique in its own way and is definitely worth a look.

So here was the list of 10 best gaming clients like steam or best alternatives of steam. Well, now that you know that there are options available,  don’t procrastinate to check them out for yourself. There is a cheap PC games download for you ahead.