Best AdBlocker Apps for Android Rooted and Unrooted Devices

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Mobiles and Internet are now like the clothes of Human Beings. And Internet is a big source of advertising. Many start-ups shows ads on the internet to promote their brand. But these ads sometimes become a barrier for the user. We use AdBlocker Apps to remove this barrier.

And also in the smartphones, these ads occupy around 10%-20% of the Screen Space, which diverges the concentration from the core activities.

So, if you want get Rid of them, then a Few AdBlocker Apps.

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1. AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus for android is a free and AdBlocker apps. It Blocks the ads in between the Apps and in the Browser, and gives you a great user experience.

AdBlock Plus AdBlocker Apps

This app works in the background, and indicates in the notification panel of the Smartphone. In addition to this, the app comes with an installation guide to help serve you better.

Download: AdBlock Plus


2. TrustGo AdBlocker App

Some of the mobile ad networks also keep a track on the personal data, like your recent searches and your current activities.

TrustGo AdBlocker App

The TrustGo Ad Detector is designed for that purpose, the app eliminates the chances of privacy violation through the ads.

The app is basically designed to keep one’s personal date and information safe.

Download: Trust Go AdBlocker App (APK File)


3. AdBlock Fast

This app is specially designed for Samsung Internet 4.0 and up.

The app filters the content and stops the ads to download; which in turn reduces the excess of disk size; and enhances the performance and speed of the browsing activity. It also increases the CPU activity. Also unlike other ad blockers, Adblock Fast doesn’t allow acceptable ads and never will.

Download: AdBlock Fast


4. AdAway

AdAway is a free open source adblocker for android. It removes ads from YouTube Sources, Games and almost every app.

This app requires a phone to be rooted, but this app has a very user friendly interface. This app uses the Host file, that has a list of mapping between the host names and the IP address; which directs the ads which the user encounters while surfing, browsing or playing games.

Click Here to extract the APK file without Root in Android.

Download: AdAway


5. AppBrain Ad Detector

The functionality of this app is quite like that of the earlier adblocker apps.

AppBrain AdBlocker Apps

The app also informs users that, which ad networks are integrated in the app. And also indicates which one is pushing ads. Overall the app helps to get rid of irritating advertisements; not just slows down the phone, but also stops the phone from eating a lot of data. The best part of this app is that it tells that which app has the access to your account.

Download: AppBrain Ad Detector


6. NoRoot Ad-Remover Lite

This app would be useful for those who play games a lot. Because this app removes all the unwanted advertisements between the games and other applications also. Users can themselves create an adblock list by selecting the apps which shows unwanted ads. It doesn’t require the user to root the device to use the app. After creating the list, you need to start this app. And when you open any game which is mentioned in the list will not be allowed to show the ad. While using this the network connection would be turned off.

This app is not available on PlayStore.

Download: NoRoot Ad-Remover Lite


7. AdBlock Browser for Android

This app is one of the most popular and trending ad blocker for computers. And now has come up with an ad blocking app for android devices and is available on the Google Store free. The app allows the user to surf and browser the internet, and watch movies without any kind of disturbance.

It keeps your device secure from malware, And helps the pages to load faster as compared to other apps. This app is highly recommended for smooth purposes, and for those who used to surf the internet a lot.

Download: AdBlock Browser


8. Ad-Vanish Pro

It is one of the best ad blocker app for both rooted and non-rooted Android phones. The Functionality of this app is similar to the NoRoot Ad-Remover. Since it also has the ability to block ads from offline apps without the phone to be rooted. This is a Lite version of the app but unfortunately, the app is not available yet in many countries. But soon it’s expected to be available in many countries.

 Download: Ad-Vanish Pro


9. AdGuard

This App is for those who do a lot of surfing, because this app makes your Browsing Experience clean and fast. This popular app promises to filter all the nastiness out of the web, to give you a clean and user-friendly browsing experience.

It kills all the ads which are shown in mobile games and advertisements. Apart from these, this software includes a firewall, phishing and malware protection. And increased web page speed and a built-in VPN.

Download: AdGuard


10. AdFree Android

AdFree Android is a popular android ad block app and is free to download.

However, this app has been removed from the Google Play Store and will not be getting updates; so, it may not be work with new android devices. The app is easy to use and has a good interface. After installing the app, we just need to download the updated host file and flush the DNS by rebooting the phone.

Download: AdFree Android (APK File).


Note: Some AdBlocker Apps use rooted devices to install the APK, to extract the APK File of the AdBlocker Apps without rooting the Android device.

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