You may have to batch resize multiple images to send or upload them somewhere. As easy as this task is, you would not like to open each one of them and resize them individually. Not to worry, we have a way by which you can resize multiple images all together.

This batch resize images on mac done with the help of the Preview app. Read below to see how it can be done.

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How To Resize Multiple Images at Once on Your Mac :

1. Bring all the required images in a single folder to make it easy to choose them for further process.

2. Select all the images in the folder by pressing “Command + A”. Right click on any of the images and select “Open With” > “Preview”. All the selected images will be launched in the Preview app on your Mac.


3. After the images open in Preview app, you need to select all the images for making changes. To do so, click on “Edit” followed by “Select All”( as shown in the image below ). By doing this, all the images will be selected in the Preview app for you to change their size.


4. Once the images are selected, click on “Tools” > “Adjust Size…” ( as shown in the image below ). It will open the window for adjusting the size of the selected images.

5. Right after you click on the option in the above step, you will see that a dialog box will open letting you input the new size for the images. There are many measure units to enter both height and width of the images, including pixels, percent, inches, cm, mm, and points.

( Though, the most commonly used measure unit for images is pixels. )

Note : Make sure to check mark the “Scale proportionally” option so that your images do not look weird.

It will show you the resulting file size of the images.

When you are done entering the new dimensions, click on “OK”.

Done. All the images are now in your new adjusted size. You can use them for whatever purposes.

Remember, If you are not satisfied with the adjusted size, you can always adjust it under the “Adjust Size” option.