Twitter is a micro blogging platform and one of the biggest social media networks in this world. There are over 140 million active users and over 400 million tweets are sent everyday. Just like Facebook, Twitter also collects all the personal data of the user. Along with common users, there are also many celebrities who use it to share their thoughts, emotion etc. with other people. They also capture their precious moments and post the pictures so that they can keep their followers updated about their life.

As you know, these days hacking social media accounts is on its peak, so you might not want to lose all the data that had been stored in your Twitter account, if your account gets hacked ever. So it might be a good idea to take backup of your twitter account and then saving it some place safe. The backup you make, will contain all the tweets that you ever posted, your personal pictures that you posted on Twitter, you followers, tweet backup and etc. so making a backup of your data every now and then can save you from a lot of trouble.

For long, Twitter had been a focus of criticism for not allowing its users to take a complete backup, but recently, it has started to allow its users to download their complete data as a backup. Before this, people used to backup their Twitter data through some famous third-party tools.

In this article, I am going to guide you on “How to Backup Your Twitter Account Completely With Ease” by using Twitter’s own free data backup service. And if you do not want to use this service, I will also tell you about some of the famous third-party tools from which you can carry out same task.

Using Twitter’s Free Data Backup Service

In order to use this service, first you have to login to your Twitter account.  After logging in to your account, you have to first click on your profile picture on the top right corner of your screen, which is followed by a blue button which says TWEET. After clicking on the profile picture, you will be given some options to click on. In those options, you have to click on the Settings tab. The screen looks something like this:

1After reaching on the settings page, you have to scroll down, and there it is what you have looked for. Under the Content section, there is a “Your Twitter archive” statement followed by a greyish button which says “Request your archive”. Now you just have to click on this button.

2After you click on that button, Twitter will give you a message which will mean that once your archive is ready to be downloaded, the link will be emailed to you from where you can download your Twitter archive. It may take some time depending on your Twitter usage. If you posted a lot of tweets and pictures and stuff, then of course it is going to take a while to gather up all of your information. You can see the following screen below:

3After some time, you will receive an email from Twitter which says that you download is ready. You just have to click on the link given in the email, to begin the download.

After you click on that link, you will be redirected to a Twitter page where it will show you a DOWNLOAD button.

4After you click on the download button, all your data begins to download. After the downloading is finished, open the downloaded folder. Now you will see some folders which will be containing all of your data. You can also read the README.txt file if you are unable to understand something.

5So this is how you can download all of your data by using Twitter’s free data backup service.

Using Some Third Party Twitter Backup Tools

If you don’t want to use Twitter’s data backup service, then you can use some of the famous third party tools to backup your data. Now I will tell you which one’s are the most commonly used tools for this purpose.

  • Watermark : Watermark is a Twitter app which runs in the cloud. Watermark runs in the background so that it can store each tweet from everyone that you are following. Watermark remembers everything so that you can find the tweets you care about. The price of watermark is $4/month.
  • Tweet Archivist : In this twitter tool, you can set on what you want to start monitoring on. It will pull as many tweets on anything you searched for. Its price is 3 archives for $14.99/month.
  • Tweet Nest : Tweet Nest is a searchable, easily customizable, and browsable archive for all of your tweets. To use this tool, you must a web server with MySQL 5.0 or later and PHP 5.2 or later. This tool collects all the photos and video thumbnails that you would see on the official Twitter website, including geotagging information, native retweets and links. This tool is a free and open source software.
  • Tweetake : It is a web based app. Tweetake allows you to take backup of your profile. With this app, you are able to take backup of your follows, the people you follow and all the tweets. You  just have to sign in to your Twitter account and then you are ready to take backup of your entire profile. You can also take backup of your selected section, e.g. tweets, following list, followers list, etc. This tool is completely free for use.
  • Backupify : This tool protects all of your Facebook and Twitter data. It will automatically make backup of the data and then archives them for you.

So these were some of the most used third-party tools which were used for taking the backup of your Twitter account data. You can use any of these tools to take backup. So that’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Thanks.