With emerging development of mobile apps we face up with lot of available messengers like Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Google+ and so on. So many conversations flow through these ones, but we never ask ourselves should we keep some of them as our lasting memories. In this article we will explain how to save Viber chat history from Android to the computer. This comes into consideration especially when you want to keep the Viber messages aside from your smartphone in a searchable format, such as TXT or HTML. Whether you want to keep dear conversations or you want to reinstall your Android phone, it is useful to know how to extract Viber chats and transfer them to the computer.

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Although there are no rules, in this article, we will cover three possible ways how to save Viber chats, as follows:

  1. Using the built-in option “Email message history”;
  2. Using the “Backup Text for Viber” app from Google Play;
  3. Installing Desktop version of Viber and then manually saving particular messages or just parts of them;

Save Viber chats using the built-in option

When you open the Viber settings on your mobile phone, scroll down until you see the option “Email message history”. Tapping this option will create a backup file of all conversations present in the chat history.

1 Save chats from Viber itself

Then, depending on which apps you have installed on the phone, couple of options will be offered for sending message history: through email, Box, Evernote, Skype and similar ones.

2 Creating backup file and sending

Basically, chat history is sent as a ZIP file containing all individual conversations as separated CSV files.

Save Viber chats using the “Backup Text for Viber” application

Backup Text for Viber is really nice and tiny application which allows fine customization of how to export the chat history. It gives several filtering options such as:

–          Filter by conversation;

–          Filter by date;

–          Filter by message type (In messages, Out messages or both);

–          File type of exported messages (Normal text, CSV, Excel, HTML Conversation, HTML Table);

Export destination: SD card or email;

3 Save Viber chats using Backup Text for Viber

There is another Android application named Viber to PDF which converts whole conversation in PDF including texts, photos and locations.

Save Viber chats using the desktop version

Depending on the platform of your OS (Windows or Mac), you may consider to install the desktop version of Viber.

For people who use Viber installed on their computers, besides their mobile phones, it is very easy to select and extract only desired parts of whichever Viber conversation, or even entire conversation. The problem here is that, if the conversation has a longer history back in time, you will spend some time to scroll up to the beginning. Although this is an “old-school” SELECT-COPY-PASTE approach, it could be very useful in some occasions.


Although there is a variety of options how to save Viber chat logs, it seems that there is a lack of the ‘restore’ option. When it comes to do a backup of something, we naturally expect to see both options available. As for now, only specific backup solutions, such as Titanium Backup, are capable of restoring Viber chat logs, but only as a part of the restoration of the entire Android device.