Why backup and restore SMS & contacts on Android:

Anyone who going to switch older android mobile to newest android smartphone and never want to miss any important contacts and messages means you have to take backup of your older SMS & Contacts and restore that on your android mobile.  So that’s why today I decided to post a best way to take backup and restore SMS & Contacts on android smartphone.


There are lot of ways for take backup and restore SMS & Contacts on android, but here I am going to share the best and easy three methods for take backup of android phone Contacts and SMS. I recommend these three methods for backup and restore your SMS and contacts on android mobile.

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Method 1: How to Make a Backup of Android Contacts on SD card:

This technique is a simple and offline method to make backup of android contacts on SD (memory) card, Most of android users don’t know this method but it’s quite easier to make your android phone SMS and contacts backup.

Step 1:  Open your contacts on your android smartphone.

Step 2:  In  the contacts check on the menu.

Step 3:  In that contacts menu there is an option like “Export to SD” there.

Step 4:  If it’s asks you the permission for create Vcard, then click Yes.

Step 5:  check your memory card your copy of your contacts are created.

Step 6:  I recommends you to transfer it to PC.


Method 2: How to Backup Android  SMS Using the App:

This is a online method using the android app your going to SMS backup and restore android. Taking SMS backup and restore for pc using app is a straight forward and simple process. There are lot of android applications available on the android market for backup SMS, But I highly recommends SMS Backup & Restore. This is a best and free android app for make backup and restore SMS on android.

Download and install the application on your android smartphone, and then choose backup option for create backup of your SMS and contacts, It backups all your SMS and contacts on online account. In your new android mobile install the same application give your user details and then restore android SMS and contacts.

Method 3: How to Backup Android Contacts Using Google Account:


All we know android operating system is a product of Google, and they developed all android users must sign-in with Google Account within the device. using this Google account you can access all Google products like Gmail,Youtube, Google Drive, etc. Using Gmail you can make online backup of your android contacts, below is how to make backup of android contacts using Gmail.

Step 1:  Go to settings from the android Menu.

Step 2:  After that find “Account And SYNC” or “Google Account” and click on it.

Step 3:  And click on  “SYNC Contacts” on that options.

Step 4: After clicking “SYNC Contacts”  that’s it your all contacts are saved on Gmail Online.

Step 5: Now you can get contacts from Gmail when you needed.

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