Apple iPhone that sells 395 phones about every minute, has established around 1 billion users interface worldwide so far, despite the fact that a billion users of iPhone, many wouldn’t know about these new features and tricks in iOS. Apple has been successfully competing with Android, Symbian, and others since their launch in 2007, here are some 25+ Awesome Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do.

1)Ability to use the iPhone camera as a magnifier.

iOS 10

source: Google

The new feature in the iOS 10 is using your phone camera as a magnifier, yes this handy feature is possible after the new update, you can control this by going to settings > General > Accessibility > Magnifier. There is also a shortcut for this by triple tapping your home button.

2)Voicemail transcription.


If you’re in a meeting and not able to take phone calls or hear voicemail iOS has made it handy to end that where the voicemail is transcribed which enables you to read the message.In fact, this new feature is a good improvement for its busy users.

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3)Mail feature.

The mail app in the new iOS has been improved and become smarter. If you switch on the feature of move messages under settings > Mail > swipe options, Then your phone will automatically start making suggestions about which folder to move the messages automatically. For example, I want to move all my work related emails to a folder named ‘work’, now this feature is going to move all the emails received from my work contact will automatically move into my work folder.

4) Ability to edit RAW/Live pictures on iPhone.

iOS has been improvised in the editing section, a beneficial feature for the photographers where DNG format images can be edited by third party apps like Obscura. A live photo can also be edited without being converted to a normal image, like in the old ones to make adjustments like filters and brightness.

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5)Doodle feature 

iOS makes it easier to draw doodles on your photos. You can do this by selecting the “…” icon after tapping on the photo adjustment slider icon. Then you can tap on “Markup” to add doodles and text to your photos. However, Markup turns off Live Photos if that is the type of photo that you are editing.

6) notes collaboration.

The Notes app on iOS now allows users to collaborate on notes. You can set this up by creating a note and tapping on the collaboration icon, which I have encircled in red in the photo above. After you tap on that icon, furthermore you can choose how you would like to send your Notes collaboration invitation whether it is through Messages, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

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7) iPhone Siri new features.

The updated Siri has become much cooler in the iOS, it can make calls and can also send messages with any third party apps like WhatsApp, Viber, weChat. Siri also understands the command ‘take a selfie’ and launches the front facing camera. You still need to press the shutter button.

Not to mention Siri can also give you updates about flights that are flying above you.

Similarly, Siri can also book cabs for you.

8)Calendar feature


The new calendar feature in the iOS has added a new feature called event found in apps which will suggest events found in a mail and other messaging apps. If you want to disable this feature, you can turn it off so by going to Settings > Calendar > Events Found in Apps.

9) Apple maps: Time to leave

Calendar app associates itself with apple maps and suggests to leave your current location to reach the desired destination on time, this is based on traffic conditions and other transit options.Due to this new improvement, the commuters can reach their destination on time.

10) lyrics option in the music app


The new feature in the music app which lets you view the lyrics of a song that you are listening, to view the lyrics just scroll down the ‘now playing’ section and you will find it below the audio controls.In addition to this, it has a separate playlist called favorite mix where new songs are added to it every Friday based on your likes, this will help you to cut down your time on finding new tracks.

11) Apple pay in mobile version

Now you can make safer transactions on safari without entering your card details over and over, it just needs your 3D touch ID to complete the transaction. This indeed is a good improvement by Apple.

12) Flashlight

you can adjust your flashlight intensity in three different settings that are high, medium and light just by calling up your control center and applying the 3D touch.Although, this was also possible with the help of a few third-party applications, such as Flashlight.

13) contextual predictions on messages

Apple has done an incredible job by designing this new feature, it makes right contextual predictions. For example, say if you get a message saying ‘where are you?’ automatically apple suggests sharing your location.

14) Inline media/video support

iOS allows the users to watch videos on safari without having to exit to full-screen mode.In case, if it goes to full-screen mode just tap on the bottom right corner resize button which helps the users to resume watching the video from within the browser.

15)raise to wake up

This feature works with the help of M9 motion co-processor,  found in 6s, SE and 7. This feature will help you to activate the lock screen every time you pick up your phone, in addition with this you can also read notification without unlocking or pressing any button on your iPhone.

16) Switch off/on read receipts based on users.

The iOS new privacy feature is surely a win-win, where you can control your read receipts user by user, in the old version it could be completely turned off or on among the contacts but in this, however you can choose for every contact.

17)Avoid tolls in apple maps

The Apple maps have been improvised, in fact, they help us to save money. Let’s acknowledge the irony, provided that this feature can be turned on so, go up to settings < Maps < driving and Navigation.

18) Just shake to delete.

if you did a mistake while typing or applied a wrong filter just shake your phone to undo things, cool isn’t it?
At the same time, try not to slide it off your hands.

19)It can refresh your background apps

Your iPhone refreshes the running background apps, this is a nifty feature but eats up a lot of battery and processor power. however, it’s least beneficial, to switch it off just tap on settings> general > background app refresh and switch it off there.

20) Add phonetic spellings to your contacts

Siri usually stumbles over a name and assumes it wrong, with this intention apple developed a phonetic option that helps you to give phonetic names to each contact, this can be done so by going up to a contact, click edit and scroll down to add a new field thus, you can give a phonetic spelling to your contact.

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21) Tap back feature

Tap back is a feature that lets you react to a friend’s message with a heart, a thumbs up, a thumbs down, a “haha”, two exclamation points or a question mark. You can activate this feature by pushing down on a message. Overall, this feature was first started with Facebook.

22) Leveling tool

your iPhone can be your new leveling tool, yes this is possible by swiping left on your compass app. Now you can certainly have the perfect edges you ever dreamt off.

23) you can adjust scrubbing

this is a new feature that allows you to adjust the scrubbing rate when viewing content, simply by moving your finger up and down the screen as required. This effectively means that you can skip through advertisements and selected sections of the video up to four times quicker than usual, or much slower if you want to revisit a particular moment.

24) Handwriting text messages

As soon as your tilt your device to landscape mode while using the iMessage app, it will switch to a mode where you can handwrite text messages.In short, this feature is Innovative and fun.

25) Faster settings control.

When you push down on the Settings icon, you will notice that there is quick access for controlling the device battery, data, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Thus, apple is trying to make it more user-friendly just like the Android.