A single click on your smart phone can install a Trojan, that too without the sound knowledge of the user. This simply means that while browsing internet or while downloading any apps, we need to be very smart. Will Trojans get install on anyone’s device totally depends on how much the user is aware about accessing any kind of content.

Android being an open source platform, provides an easy access to hackers to an android device. Simply downloading a game or any app can to install a Trojan in the android device, Yeah that’s true !!. But you guys don’t need to worry about these stuffs, here are some ways by which one can avoid Trojans from their device very smartly.

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How to Avoid or Remove Virus or Trojan malware from android Device:

Downloading an app from a recognized developers 

This will land you in installing a trusted app, which won’t be having any kind of routes for Trojans.

  • For Android OS, users should always download apps from google playstore. One should not rely on any third party stores for downloading any apps, exception if it’s the only option you have.
  • If you think the developer is not a known one, then one can try seeing his website if the link is available in the playstore. The exact review of the apps can also be seen from that particular website.
  • Before installing any apps do read the review of the app, which can very well tell about the app’s condition. If there is any kind of unauthorized stuff you can get to know from the reviews.
Read access permissions carefully

While we install any app, in general we never bother to read permissions. We just keep on pressing next without reading the permissions. These can also give a way for Trojans. For example, a selfie app has nothing to do with accessing the contacts and file explorer of your device. But we generally ignore these stuffs giving access to any kind of Trojan.

  • Ignore any unfavorable permissions for the app if it’s asking for. This can definitely protect your data.

Antivirus vs trojans –

Antivirus can block trojans

If you are prone to any virus or malware, there’s nothing to worry about. Installing a trusted antivirus can help you out in this case. There are many antivirus available in the Google playstore. The antivirus would not allow any unwanted apps to get install on device. They can also block Trojans, so it’s a good thing to have it on any android device.

Everyone likes to play games. But now a days one should be really carefull while playing free games. These free games usually comes with infected files which can harm the device. So one should either choose a paid version game or try installing games from a trusted developer.

Android updates –

With every android update it comes with some new security features. So it is much advisable to update your android device on every new update. The team at google regularly keeps a watch on every single apps on playstore, still a user must keep an eye on any new activity on their device.

In very simple words, Trojans are routes which passes a user’s confidential information to any unauthorized user. In turn the attacker can also access users bank account in some cases. But using some smart techniques can save your device from these stuffs.Trojans can not access one’s device till the time user has adopted all security features. Above mentioned points will definitely help any android user in getting away from threats due to Trojans.