Apps To Track Lost or Stolen iPhone or iOS Devices

It’s one of the most horrible situations when you lose your iPhone or any iOS device, as your iPhone has all your personal data and many private files. Either it may have been stolen, or you might have misplaced it. If you have misplaced it, then there are chances that you will find it. But if you are sure that your precious iPhone has been stolen then in such crucial period, an App that can track your apple iPhone lost or stolen will only help you out. You had personal photos, videos, contacts and even your bank details that are going to be misused.

Your iPhone when gets into the hands of others, the first thing the new owner will do is; remove the sim card and once it is done the thing gets complicated. But Apple developers have created such apps that will help you track your phone. With the help of iCloud and other third-party apps you can do get your phone back and keep your private files secured.

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Apps To Track Lost or Stolen iPhone or iOS Devices

Here are some useful apps that will help you recover your lost iphone or iOS device.

1.Find my iPhone

This app allows you to Track Lost or Stolen iPhone using another IOS device. It gives the exact location of your iPhone using GPS. Moreover, it also protects your private data, displays a message and plays a sound at full volume even when your iPhone is in silent mode.

But you need to have something done before your iPhone is lost. What you have to do is:

First of all, upgrade to at least to iOS 5. Then Register on iCloud account (Apple ID). Now, download and install Find My iPhone app. Once the download is complete, you need to turn it ON. Go to settings -> iCloud -> Find my iPhone. To confirm this option tap ALLOW.

 As long as this option is turned ‘ON’ on the lost iPhone and its connected to the internet, you will be able to find stolen iPhone’s current location.


How to locate using another iOS device:


  • Visit on the web.
  • Sign into your iCloud account using Apple ID
  • Tap on Find My iPhone.
  • Choose Locate an iPhone device if there is more than one iOS device
  • If your iPhone is online then the location will be shown
  • If your iPhone is offline, you can set an option to receive an E-mail when your iPhone is online.
    2.Device locator-

This app allows you to track a lost iPhone or stolen iPhone. It also takes a photo of the new user, sounds an alarm, and sends a message with sound. But you need to activate it before you’re your iPhone is lost. The below part will tell you how to enable it:


This app is not free, so you have to purchase it by paying $3.99 from Apple app store. Install it and launch the app. Visit and create an account. Now, customize the settings on your iPhone.

  1. It has the same basic Finder features that are on other device locating apps. But it has a feature that it can encrypt all yours transmitted information and they are stored in a ‘SECURED DATA CENTER’.

Unlike other apps it can give your iPhone location using GPS. Beside this, it has some special features like remote data erasing, remote locking. It also plays a siren alerts. It also has a unique feature called geo-fencing that allows you to set up boundaries to notify when the phone is taken beyond those limits.

 5.Phone Trace-
  1. SettingTough this app has surprisingly few features still it has a higher price. It’s offered to the costumers at $7.99. It finds the current location through GPS that gives you the location details via SMS, voicemails, and E-mails. It gives notification you when the sim card is changed.

Apart from this, there are various apps that you may use before you lose your iPhone . They allow you to help recover your lost iPhone keeping your private data safe and secure. You can download them from Apple app store, at a quite comfortable price and activate them before your iPhone is stolen. Once you lose your phone, these apps will help you out in such miserable situations. Below mentioned are a variety of apps that you can use and activate to features they provide, like getting the location info, sending notification when the sim card is changed, put password locks, secure your private data etc. only you need is a; another iOS device to sign into your Apple ID.




  • If Found+
  • Mobile Spy
  • Phone Trace 4
  • Motion Alarm
  • Navizon
  • Find My Friends
  • GPS Tracker
  • Lookout
  • Hidden
  • Undercover
  • Last Alert Pro


Hope this serves a peace in mind of all iPhone or iOS Devices users .Because i have given an end to your fear of what to do if lost your iPhone or iOS Devices . So Cheer Up !!!

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