Android has an upper hand on iOS and Windows in terms of many features and one of them is security. While the new fingerprint unlock option on android devices is brilliant and convenient, nothing beats a good old PIN/password.

But when you find it difficult and annoying to remember a PIN or password, pattern lock is your best bet. Pattern locks offer adequate security while also being easy to remember, it just takes one swipe!

So, just how do you set up a pattern lock on your Windows PC/device? Read on to find out because we found the best way!

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Get Maze Lock here.

Maze Lock from Eusing Software is probably the best of the few options to set pattern lock on Windows.

It allows you to choose between 3 x 3, 4 x 4 or
5 x 5 grids to set your pattern. It comes with a default pattern ( Z )

You can also specify the  pattern lock screen background image.

Date and time are displayed on the locked screen, much like on any regular Android device.

You can also disconnect from the internet directly from the pattern lock screen.

It can also automatically lock the computer after long periods of inactivity and on startup, much like the regular Windows password lock option.

With Maze Lock you can either use a taskbar icon to lock your computer instantly or set and use a custom hotkey.

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The 3 Unlock Modes offered – 

Normal – a trail after the drawn pattern is seen .

Secure (for extra security) Mode – no trail is seen to protect the pattern from being seen by anybody else.

Dynamic Password Mode – users will have to enter randomly generated passwords along with the pattern, thus ensuring protection from key logging.

Just keep in mind pattern lock should be secondary to password/PIN because of any screen problems or app failures that could arise.