Tired of lugging your laptop around, everywhere you go? What if you have a trip you have to pack light for? How can you be always ready with any files or data?

How can you protect yourself against future mouse or keyboard malfunctioning?
We have found ways for you to use your android phone as a completely wireless keyboard or mouse! With these methods, remote access and control to your PC and all other devices can be gained securely.

You can type away and access all your files. You can even use a track pad or touch pad on a regular desktop computer!

How to Use Your Android Device as a Mouse and Keyboard

PC Remote

Download PC Remote Receiver onto your PC from the official site here.
Then, download the app onto your android from here.

A connection will be established nearly instantaneously if your phone and computer are on the same wireless network. In some cases, you might have to check your firewall settings on your PC for access permission.

Features include

  • Devices simulation –  your device can be turned into a keyboard, gamepad, touchpad and more!
    • With various button layouts – such as GTA, flying, racing – available users are able to play several PC games.
    • Customizable.
    • Multimedia control – increase or decrease computer volume, play or pause videos.
    • Remote desktop
    • PowerPoint syncing – PPT presentations (and notes) can be viewed, edited and played on your android.
    • Projector – Project your android’s screen, pictures and videos onto your PC monitor.
    • File access – Search for, download and edit files between your android and your PC.


Users can remotely access and control another computer, smartphone or tablet.
A major pro is none of the devices have to share a wireless network.
As it is easy, fast and secure TeamViewer is already being used on more than 1 billion devices worldwide.

1. Install TeamViewer onto your android.
2. Download TeamViewer Quick Support onto the device you want to use from here.
3. The QuickSupport app gives you an ID, enter this into the ID field on your android and connect.

Features include :

  • Screen sharing
  • Touch and control gestures
  • Bidirectional file transfer
  • Management of contacts and management of devices
  • Chat options with others who also have access
  • Real-time sound and video (HD) transmission.

Other Android Remote Control Apps to consider

Remote Mouse – elegantly transforms your android into a mouse, keyboard or track pad.
Remote Control Collection 
Microsoft Remote Desktop – works for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.
Chrome Remote Desktop – set it up on your desktop from the Chrome Web Store, get the app on your android and you are done.
Intel Remote Keyboard – although this a slightly buggy app it is worth trying if you own a Intel® NUC or Intel® Compute Stick and run Windows 8.1/10.

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