With the advancement of technology these days people round the world need everything at their fingertips. Gadgets like mobile phones, laptops have provided the much needed support but as nobody is satisfied with what they really have and to attract more; same is the case with technologies we all need more hi-tech advanced gadgets to complete our day to day work at earliest.

Let us take the example of electronic mails. Earlier, we used to write letters to communicate with the relatives or people around them but as we were introduced to the email feature we have slowly abandoned letters. Then came the scenario of being using the computers and internet, we were tired of browsing, logging in and then opening mails on the browsers hence we needed customized apps by which we can open our mails by a single click. Certainly, android phones have many hidden features inside them and very few of us know about it. One feature among them is that we can open any of our mails of yahoo in certain apps of android phones. Interesting, right?

Add Yahoo Mail Account to Android phone

Let’s take a look at those easy steps by which we can setup yahoo mail on android :

  • Firstly open your phone’s setting.
  • Then Go to ADD ACCOUNTS option.



  • Tap on ADD EMAIL option.



  • Enter your full email address and password.
  • Tap on NEXT.


  • If you want to adjust your sync setting you can.
  • Otherwise press NEXT.
  • Enter the name you want to be displayed on your outgoing mail.
  • Then tap next.

These simple steps will lead you to your desired result and your yahoo mail will be one tap away.

Although, there are many merits of having a yahoo mail app installed in the phone. Following can be the demerits for the same:

Firstly, due to over memory consumption the system may get heated and it may cause drainage of battery.

Secondly, these apps cause a lot of background usage and slows down the phone by consuming more space in RAM.

Thirdly, Yahoo can easily track down your location if GPS or location services are switched on. It has low security and fake apps can be downloaded from unknown sources causing your private information to leak on internet.

Fourthly, it needs continuous internet connection. All apps are supported with the background ads and pop ups.

Fifthly, multiple screen sizes and resolutions make developer’s work difficult to design app.

Also, the device hangs if several apps are opened at a same time.

So lastly; I want to say that it can act as a boon or a bane as it depends upon how we use it. Limited usage and exposure of everything turns out to be a boon for society but excessive and limitless use can cause several malware as if human mind can make something for a good because it can also use that same thing in a hazardous way.