It is not a very cumbersome process to add wireless Bluetooth headphones to your HDTV. There are several situation when you want to do this.

Like when you want to watch football match at night on television without disturbing others. Or sometimes you just want to block out all the noises coming from your surrounding like vehicle’s honks, dog’s barking and many more.

In this article, you will get complete tutorial on how easily you can connect your bluetooth headphones with your HDTV.

You have to follow some simple steps:

  1. First check whether your TV has Bluetooth feature. If don’t then you need a Bluetooth transmitter/transceiver.
  2. Next step is to check to which equipment you should connect your Bluetooth headphone into.
  3. Then you have to purchase a suitable bluetooth adapter according to the output jack.
  4. And finally, you have to set up all the connections.

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Check whether your TV supports Bluetooth Connectivity or not

You can easily connect your laptop with a bluetooth device. But when it comes to TV, then it doesn’t seem so easy. As most TVs don’t come with bluetooth feature.

If you are having a standard TV then all you need is a Bluetooth transceiver/transmitter to set up your bluetooth headphones to your regular TV as they don’t come with Bluetooth.

And if you are having a Smart TV or a HDTV one then you can check through menu settings that whether it has Bluetooth feature or not. You can read the product manual as well to check this feature.

Identify to which Audio Output Port, You should connect your Bluetooth Headphone

If you are watching cable channels directly on your TV or if you have connected your DVD player directly to your TV then in this case you have to connect your Bluetooth transceiver/transmitter to your TV because in this case the audio is going through TV. So after you have made the connections, this will send audio to your headphone.

But if you have connected your cable box or DVD player to a stereo receiver then in this case you should connect your Bluetooth transceiver/transmitter to your stereo receiver not to the TV.

Now, as you have decided to which equipment your device should be connected, the next step is to check the physical output connections. There are various types of output connections like HDMI, Optical/TOSLINK, RCA and 3.5 mm audio jack.

Your standard TVs are having RCA connection only. Rest all TVs come with other output connections also.

Like the image below shows you all the relevant audio ports so that you may understand in a better way. This particular TV has three audio port formats as it was highlighted by a red rectangle. You can see a composite Left/Right audio output (which is labelled as “L” and “R”), a 3.5mm port (labelled as “Audio”) and an optical TOSLINK output (labelled as “Optical”).

how to add bluetooth headphones

Your TV might be some different. If your TV supports L/R composite jack then there is no need of converter. But if your TV only supports TOSLINK output then you will have to purchase a digital to analog converter also.

Choose a Bluetooth Transceiver/Transmitter for Your Bluetooth Headphone

Whenever you want to purchase a Bluetooth adapter, you have to purchase one that feature Bluetooth aptx with Low Latency. With this, your audio will stay in synchronization with your video else there will be a delay.

If you are using a RCA or 3.5mm audio connection to your Bluetooth headphones, then you can buy TROND 2-in-1 Bluetooth v4.1 Transmitter/Receiver. You can buy a pair of these bluetooth transceivers. Then you have to set one to send mode and connect that with your TV/receiver audio output. Set the other one to receive mode and plug that into 3.5mm jack on your headphone.

If you gonna use an Optical/TOSLINK connection then you can purchase Indigo BTRT1 Advanced Bluetooth aptX Low Latency Transmitter/Receiver.

If you are using an HDMI connection then you can purchase an HDMI converter. HDMI converter can convert the HDMI signal into Optical/TOSLINK and/or RCA. So you can purchase the above mentioned transceivers/transmitters along with the converter.

Once you have your Bluetooth adapter then all you need is to follow the instructions to set it up with your Bluetooth headphone.

How to Set Up the connection

If you are having a 3.5mm audio jack or a L/R composite audio jack, then you can plug the Bluetooth receiver directly into those output jack.

If you gonna use the optical audio port then you need a TOSLINK converter. You have to first connect the receiver to the converter and then you have to plug your bluetooth adapter into that converter.

Once you have connected then just pair up your headphone with your Bluetooth transmitter. In case of Priva, you have to press the main button on the unit for some time till the light blink. After few seconds, you have a link between two devices.

Just fire on your HDTV and test the audio.

Hope this article will help you to connect your Bluetooth headphones to your HDTV. If you like this article then don’t forget to share.