Apple TV (6th generation) offers an Apple Store with a lots of applications and games. You can have fun with plenty of games with Siri Remote but to make your gaming experience better Apple is now supporting third-party MFi(Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad) gaming controller. I will tell you how to Add a Third Party Game Controller to Your Apple TV to have a gaming experience like never before.

How to find out if my game supports a third-party controller?

All apps on the App store offers information about controller.If a game supports third-party game controller,you will see Game Controller Optional in the description.

How to Add Any Third Party Game Controller on Your Apple TV

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Which Controller To Choose?

You can buy any MFi supported game controller and works with iOS and Apple TV both. But maximum three players can be connected at a time. You can only connect two MFi supported controller plus a Siri Remote. You can choose from a number of MFi supported game controllers.If you are not sure which one to get,we have you covered.

SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Gaming Controller

Nimbus is one of the best gaming controller for Apple TV,iOS and Mac. It feels handy and comfortable.Apple proudly advertises SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Controller and for good reasons.It connects with Bluetooth 4.1 and has an amazing 40+ hours battery life.It charges through lightning cable and has LED indicators to check your battery life.

Horipad Ultimate Wireless Game Controller

How to Add Any Third Party Game Controller on Your Apple TV

Horipad offers a simple design and a promising design.It connects with Bluetooth and charges via Lightning cable.It has an excellent 80 hours battery backup on single charge.It doesn’t feature LED indicators for battery life.

MadCatz C.T.R.L.i

MadCatz has features just like SteelSeries Nimbus.It has a pause button in the middle which might be useful.But the major drawback is that instead of lighting cable it powers through replaceable AAA batteries.It is also most affordable game controller in this list.

How to Add Any Third Party Game Controller on Your Apple TV

  • First of all turn on your game controller and Apple TV.
  • Using your Siri Remote,open Settings app.
  • In Settings,click on Remote and Devices and then go to the Bluetooth option.How to Add Any Third Party Game Controller on Your Apple TV
  • Find out your gaming controller from all the devices available and click on it to pair.
  • Now,enjoy playing games using a controller in your Apple TV.

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