How to Add a Website Shortcut Button on iPhone Home Screen

In this 21st century day and age, we all use more than one website and toggle through them, not just on our Windows PCs or our Macs, but also on our iPhone’s.

Now, imagine a scenario where you use a plethora of websites – you like to visit these websites almost every day. Therefore, it would make a lot of sense to add a shortcut or a link to these websites somewhere on your iPhone or PC so that you could use them a few seconds faster when need be, right?

The issue you are faced with now is – How are you supposed to add a website shortcut button on to your iPhone Home Screen. I bet you did not even know you could add a website shortcut button till today, let alone that the website shortcut button could be added to your Home Screen on your iPhone. Heck, you might not even know what a website shortcut button is!

But do not get alarmed. The circumstance is not as desperate as you seem to obviously think. Do not go pale. Breathe, relax, and scroll down. Keep on reading! Don’t stop on any account!


Now, for all the uncool and technologically challenged people out there here are two sentences [first, and then the rest of the article]:

  1. Please get better at handling gizmos and gadgets. It will not help to stay technologically challenged anymore. You shall become laughing stock.
  2. Simply take a full breath, cool off, and follow what this article says [to the T] and you should know how to add a website shortcut button on your iPhone’s home screen by the end of the article. I promise. Just go with it!


Now, for either the technologically challenged or not, if you are reading this article, if you are the proud owner of an iPhone, and if you do not know how to add a website shortcut to your iPhone’s home screen, here is the solution to your problem.

Follow the simple steps, and you are good to go!

Step 1: Go on a Safari holiday.

Safari app on your iPhone

Exactly. I did not mean a real safari holiday in Africa. I meant go to the Safari app on your iPhone. This is the equivalent of the Google search home page when it comes to your iPhone after all. You cannot even begin to search, or search for a place to search for your website, without first going on to this app and opening it. It is the ultimate search tool.

Step 2: Painfully type the whole thing out. Use your digits well.

This is the hard part. Now you need to sort out the entire website URL after you have opened up Safari.

[But look on the bright side, after this one time, when the shortcut is added, you will never have to do this again. So suck it up and take up this stupid project. Painstakingly type out the website URL of the website you want a shortcut button to on your iPhone’s home page.]

Step 3: Be a friend. Share. Get your button friend to help you to share.

the Share button

On the bottom of the screen you will encounter the Share button. It looks like the image above – no yellow, just the silver part – like an arrow trying to flee from a box.

Step 4: Tap. Tap. Tap.

No I do not mean you have to tap dance. Although, if you are usually a technologically challenged person and have come this far, it might be time to do a celebratory little jig.

Now after you have finished dancing your hyper jiggy-wiggy dance, tap the “Share button.

Now dance some more. [Only if you want, of course]

Step 5: More options mate. More options.

Add to home screen

If you have managed to successfully tap the Share button, your screen will now be showing you a list of other options. These will probably be the following and in the following order:

  1. Add bookmark
  2. Add to reading list
  3. Add to home screen
  4. Main link to this page
  5. Tweet
  6. Print
  7. Cancel
Step 6: Third time’s a charm.

click Add to home screen

Now if you want to add the website shortcut button to your iPhone’s home screen, tap the third option on the list – this will be the “Add to Home Screen” option.

If at this point you want to bail on this operation – DO NOT. You are almost through.

If however, you want to not completely bail but add the website as a link or bookmark, then choose the option with corresponds to your wish. No judgement for that.

Step 7: More additions.

Addto Home

On the top left of your screen, there will be a blue “Add” button. Tap this.

Step 8: Customize.

You will be requested that pick an icon for this website shortcut on your home screen. Choose whatever you think is pretty. And you are done!

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