How To Activate Android Camera Flash For Incoming Call Notifications

What if you need to be notified of any calls or messages or other developments and notifications but you’re in a class or a meeting or a serious social engagement and your phone has to be on silent mode?

And let’s face it, vibrate mode just won’t cut it because it can be annoying and easily missed.

What if you’re at a noisy party or function? It can be very hard to hear or feel notifications and you end up missing that important call.

Fret not, because we have a better way for you to be alerted of incoming notifications – your android’s camera flash!

With flash notifications you can be notified anywhere, you will never miss another call and you can even find your phone in the dark!

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How To Use Android Camera’s Flash As Incoming Call Notification

Flash Alerts 2

Once you have downloaded the app from the Google Play Store, Flash Alerts 2 tests whether your android phone has a working flash and whether it can be manipulated well enough for the given task.
When your android phone has passed these tests, you can go forward and decide on the settings and details.

You can set alerts for different notifications like incoming calls, incoming texts, missed calls.

You can also choose the flash pattern i.e on and off length – the recommended being about 500 milliseconds.



You can also choose which apps to be notified for. Maybe you just want to be notified when you have calls or maybe you need to be notified every time someone likes your post on Instagram or sends you a message on WhatsApp. This app lets you do it all.


Get Flash Alerts 2 here.

These are the features the free non-premium version offers but they are super satisfactory.

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Other Options to Use Flash Alerts On Call/SMS

Flashlight Notification

This app works much the same way as Flash Alerts 2 but offers a few extra features – like enabling flash notifications only for normal mode or silent mode or vibrate mode or all three modes. You can also set a battery threshold for flash notifications.


Call Flash : Ring & Text

The flashlight switches on to let know you of calls, flash light blinks to announce the arrival of a message/SMS. Silent mode can be enabled to disable ringing and enable flash alerts.
Lets you shake your phone to disable alerts.

Flash on Call and SMS

You can set flash alerts for calls, SMS and notifications from any other apps like Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr. Flash alerts can be turned on for any mode – normal, vibrate or silent. The several blinks or flashes can be chosen. DND mode is also offered.

Ultimate Flash Alerts

This app lets you set flash alerts by contacts for calls or SMS. You can also set them by time or mode. You can choose to be notified from only certain apps. Blinking time can also be set.

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