If you’re roaming around outside, and suddenly you remember there is a important document to be sent by the 7 o’clock deadline, or a work email needs the attachments that are leisurely sitting on your desktop at home, here is the things you have to know how to complete your work on the go! This peppy article saves your makes your job easy by telling you, How to Access your Computer from Android or iPhone.

For those who only like fruity apples, and effectively shrug the brand name to use Android Phones (no judgment here people, I guess you haven’t upgraded your lives to the big Mac world and Android phones still offer you better compatibility with your other devices), use these simple steps to connect to your desktop:

Step1: Install the Google Remote Desktop app for Chrome on your PCs.

[Disclaimer: I am hoping here, that your PC does indeed have Chrome and that you’re not a caveman from the age of yore. But on that wild off-chance that you are indeed that caveman alive in the 21st century, get busy, do yourself a favor, and install Google Chrome on your PC. You’ll thank yourself later.]

The app can be found at the link below:


Once you’ve downloaded it on your computer, install the application.


Step 2: Grant authorization

chrome remte desktop

The application needs pre-authorization to use your computer. Make sure you grant permission, or else the later steps won’t work.

Hit “Accept” when asked to grant permission to the application to use your computer.

Step 3: Click on the “Get started” button

click get started

This will help you start your attempt.

 Step 4: Put a PIN in it

put a pin in it

A PIN will be required later to connect your phone to your computer. Generate this PIN.

P.S. Do not share this PIN with anybody. This devalues the security of your connection.

Step 5: Additional Software

When the PIN has been configured, more software has to be installed. Allow it. Don’t bail. This stage is where the Chrome Remote Desktop “host application” is installed on your PC or Mac.

Step 6: PIN

confirm account and pin

The PIN that you had formerly created (just minutes ago. remember?), will be asked for. Provide it.

Input the PIN number when the host app has been installed.

Step7: Time to go to the Play Store!

chrome remote desktop in playstore

Install the Chrome Remote Desktop application on your Android phone. You can find the software available to you on Play Store, which is previously installed on all Android phones.

 Step 8: Connect to host

Connect to host

After the application has been installed on your Android phone, it’s time to log in. At this time, you will be asked for your formally created and configured PIN to authenticate to your host computer.

After you’ve logged in, work on files that you forgot at home, directly from your handheld!

Now, iPhone users listen up! The Chrome Remote Desktop app was initially made available only to Android users, and worked only on Android phones. However, it has now been made available for iOS users too. To make use of this application, you can, like any other Android phone user, use the steps described above. The only exception in scenario would be the stage where you have to install the app on to your handheld phone. Instead of downloading from the Play Store, download the mobile-version of Chrome Remote Desktop from iTunes.

iPhone users also seem to have the upper hand here when it comes to connecting their phones with their PC or their Mac at home. There are various other applications that are only available for these hardcore iPhone fanatics!

Some of these are listed below:

  1. Keymote
  2. Remote HD
  3. Remote Tap 5
  4. Mobile Mouse Pro
  5. WiFiRemote
  6. iTeleport
  7. Screens VNC
  8. Jump Desktop
  9. Ignition
  10. PocketCloud Remote Desktop

acess computer with iphone and android

These applications can only (and ONLY) be accessed by iPhone users. They not only allow you to use, to your PC or your Mac, on the go, but also allow you to control functions on the PC or the Mac. They are Virtual Network Computing (VNC) devices that have in-built functions and are completely up-to-date and fully functional.

The apps give you a variety of key sets. These key sets are actually shortcuts which are linked to a specific action. They have a user-friendly interface so that the user does not have to deal with much hassle while trying to use their computer.

The parts that allow you to use images on your computer have a zoom-in feature which you can use to procure a more vivid and more detailed display of your pictures. Mobile Mouse Pro lets you gain access to your cursor and mouse arrow, and do your tasks so. There are even keys that help you give the print command. Thus, when you run the specific key, a file can be queued to print, and so printed.

Thus, these are some app hacks, which would make life easier for while you’re on the road!