In a world where your phone can rate your kissing ability, surely there are a handful of smartphone Apps For Moms on the market designed help today’s mom manage stress. These eight iPhone apps will not only make your life as a mother easier, but will give you a whole new reason to fall in love and plant a wet one on your phone.

  1. Mom Maps: Is your tyke tired of the same old monkey bars or swings? This user-friendly app locates kid-friendly spots locally and across the nation. Whether you’re just looking for a new neighborhood playground, or you’re hunting down a museum on vacation, you’ll never hear your kid say they’re bored again. The best part: Every location is reviewed by parents, meaning you’ll be hard-pressed to find a dud using this app.
  2. Grocery iQ: This amazing little app saves time and money in the supermarket. Users can create lists by scanning the barcodes of any item in their pantry and check them off as they shop. Pair that organizing power with a built-in coupon search, and you’ll never overpay or forget an item at the store.
  3. The Daily: For years after you become a mother, it can feel like you’re completely detached from world events and news. This app is an online publication which covers news stories spanning sports and pop culture to politics. With all those headlines in the palm of your hand, it’s easy to keep up to date on the rest of the world, even if it’s just while the little one takes a ten minute nap.
  4. Big Fork Little Fork: This is a great app for getting the whole family involved in the kitchen. The program is designed to help kids learn healthy eating habits through recipes, video guides, and games which help kids understand the basics of nutrition. Before long, your child will be giving you pointers on maintaining a more balanced diet.
  5. Period Tracker: This app does exactly what it says and so much more. With this little dandy, your menstrual cycle can be predicted—as can fertile days of ovulation. Whether you just want a period calendar or are looking to put a bun in the oven, this cute app (with darling flowers marking fertile days) is an invaluable tool in managing your time of the month, whatever it may be.
  6. Flipboard: Feel like you’re out of the loop amongst your circle of friends? This app creates a personalized, virtual magazine based on your social media streams. Flipboard scans and collects only the best posts from streams like Facebook, Twitter and Flickr to save you time online and keep you updated with news in your social network. Friends and family will wonder where you get the time to be a wonderful mother and keep up on all the latest gossip.
  7. Kids Eat For: A truly vital app for taking the family out on a budget. With a few simple thumb swipes, this app pinpoints your location and identifies nearby eateries with free or discounted kids meals. A fantastic app to use on vacations, as all restaurants also feature user reviews.
  8. Baby Geek: This app manages everything but rocking your baby to sleep. It helps schedule and predict when diapers need changed, as well as feedings, naps, manages bath times, tracks your newborn’s progress, and records the storage of breast milk and even estimates its expiration date. By mapping your baby’s sleep and fever patterns, you’ll both be getting a little more shut-eye. Many moms would pay a small fortune for a little more sleep after the newborn’s arrival, but at just $.99, this may be the most economical added sleep a mother can get.

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Moms appreciate the adage, “There are only so many hours in the day,” better than anyone, but with these apps you’ll find yourself able to accomplish more every day, on a budget, while trying new things. There’s a wonderful world of novel apps out there to assist in the daily grind of mothers everywhere, meaning, with a little luck and hard work, the modern, tech-savvy mom of today can find a little time for herself sneaking in daily. That’s a pretty wonderful thing which, all together, they’ve made an app for.