You make many decisions to grow your business on a large scale. Building a website relative to your business is one of the best decisions you can make. A website is capable to promote your business in front of more people. So, you must need a website to make your company more attractive to the people.

But, don’t rush off and don’t pay a huge amount to build a website. There are things you must need to know before your hire a designer and developer to design your website. These things include,


1- Hooting

2- Site Layout


4- Optimization

5- Lead Generation

Let’s take a detailed look on each of these aspects.


There are three main things when you choose a hosting service, type of hosting, disk space and bandwidth.

There are two types of web hosting, the first one is Linus and the other is Windows. There is no significant difference between the two so, it does not matter which one you choose until and unless your website requires a specific script to run it. As provides the best web hosting and domain registration.

Amount of disk where your website will be stored is more important. If your website contains a lot of images and products then you are going to need more disk space.

But probably the most important hing about hosting is bandwidth. As every time a visitor comes to your site they use bandwidth and if your site runs out then it won’t be displayed. All your potential customer will see is an out of bandwidth message and what sort of impression will that leave.

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Site Layout

You can use as much adornment for your website as you want. But all this adornment would be useless until your visitor easily find what he needs and what he wants. So, the good thing to do your website is to keep it simple and user friendly instead of loading it with images. Also, when you build your website, try to keep images per page as much low as you can as this will help your website to work really very fast.

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Just like you need physical security staff for the protection of your office, you need to secure your website from being hacked and stolen away. Today, it is impossible to say that your website is completely secured but you can take some steps for making it very hard for hackers to hack your website. Choose a password which is a combination of lower and uppercase alphabets, then use numbers and signs in your password to make it very strong. Install some internet security software in your computer to secure yourself from being attacked by key loggers. Make backup of your website after some interval of time so that you can restore it with minimum hassle in case if something goes wrong.


Optimization of your website is the most important step for a successful website. If you do it wrong, you will not only waste your money on the development of the website, but will not get any potential customer. Choosing an appropriate domain name comes first. This will be most probably the name of your business. This won’t take much traffic to your website directly but your visitors will know that where they are. Then you can make another whose based only on highly searched terms. So you can direct traffic to your primary website.

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Lead Generation

The fact is that most people who visit your site won’t purchase anything so you need a way of staying in touch with them. An easy way of doing this is having a form on your site which allows people to sign up for your mailing list. Though you want to make sure that it’s visible otherwise it will go unnoticed.