5 Tips On Which Cloud Storage To Use For Business

Recognizing the benefits of cloud storage, more businesses are now shifting to this technology.  If you are considering doing so, here are 5 tips on which cloud storage to use for business. 


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Identify your needs

One of the best benefits of storing your data in the Cloud  is cost-effectiveness.  This is possible since the technology allows you to scale up or down depending on your need.  To maximize this benefit, be sure to perform an inventory to identify your storage needs.

Choose a highly-secured storage

If there is any issue about this technology, it is about security threats.  Reputable cloud computing companies, however, make sure that they implement advanced encryption technology to protect their clients’ data.

Be careful and diligent in choosing the company that will provide you the services you need.  Evaluate their security and privacy protocols, and entrust your storage needs to a company that can truly protect your data on all levels of transmission.

  • Check the features

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While their main business is to store your data securely, companies may vary in terms of the features of their services.  Look for the following features:

  • Automatic synching of data

This feature automatically updates your files in real time whenever you edit or revise your files.  You might not remember to save your edits or revisions every time.  With this feature activated, you will have your peace of mind knowing that your files are always updated.

  • Collaboration – The services should have all the tools you need to work collaboratively with your team such as editing and sharing of files.  You should see to it that you can share files with the other members of your team using any device in various ways (e.g. accessing the email or link through smart phones or tablets and not just their computers).
  • Ability to access, views, and edit the files from anywhere – You and the rest of your team should be able to access, view, and edit your files from anywhere you are using any devices that can connect online.  Make sure, too, that the services allow for versioning of files.
  • Advanced encryption – This feature protects your files against security and privacy threats.  The best companies will implement encryption on all levels of transmission and will allow you to create your own key to lock your data.

Find out how the company provides technical support

Technical support is critical.  From time to time, you may experience technical issues such as inaccessibility of files that can impact on your business.  Hence, choose the services that come with a solid 24/7 tech support.  Make sure that you can rely on prompt and reliable support as the need arises.

Create a checklist that will allow you to compare storage plans and services

Compare the plans and services of various cloud computing companies or storage providers.  To increase reliability of your comparison, create a checklist that incorporates the first four tips above, such as:

  • How does the company implement its security and privacy protocols?
  • Does the company use a reliable data recovery system?
  • How secure and reliable are their servers?
  • Can the company meet your needs with their terms and conditions?
  • Do they offer your business the most reasonable cost for their services?

With these tips, you can increase your assurance that you have the right services that will enable you to benefit the most from cloud storage.

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