Instagram has recently surpassed the 150 million active user’s milestone and the count is growing at a good rate day by day. With the introduction of videos, Instagram has now stamped their authority as the top picture as well as video sharing social community in the world. With its huge user base, there is no denying the fact that Instagram is one of the best places to market your business.

Using Instagram videos for your business doesn’t mean you need to focus on creating the same old commercial videos. The top videos on the Instagram community are extremely fun to watch and inventive. So focus on using your creativity and create videos about your services or products, which are inventive, fun to watch for the Instagram users.

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According to recent statistics, people while using Instagram feel that they are seeing a glimpse of other person’s life in pictures and videos. Use it as an advantage and build videos which are video telling about your services or products. There are some cool mobile apps out there, which can help you build amazing Instagram videos while you are on the move. Let’s have a look at them.

1) iMovie

iMovie is Apple’s own video editing app which comes as a default on all devices which are all running on iOS. iMovie apps lets you to edit all your movie shots and add music, special visual effects, text, etc. The app comes with plenty of good video templates and by using them, you can create an amazing video to post on Instagram right from your mobile.

2) Yakit

Yakit is a great iOS app which will let you to create fun and innovative animated videos just with pictures. Using this app, you can cut out the mouth of someone from a picture and add a voice over, making them look like speaking. Since Instagram users love to watch fun videos, using this app for creating a video about your business products or services will certainly help.

3) 8mm Vintage Camera

8mm Vintage camera is an amazing video app which is available on both the iOS and Android mobile platforms. The app comes with lots of filters which will help you to create vintage style videos. This app has been used in the “Searching for Sugar Man”, an Oscar winning film by Malik Bendjelloul. If you run a fashion or beauty related business, then using this app to showcase your brand will certain help you to get the Instagram users attention.

4) PicPlayPost

PicPlayPost is an iOS based video editing app, which has been a big hit since its release. The app will let you to combine two videos or add static contents with a video. These features are available in no other app and that’s why plenty of business owners have started using this app for creating creative videos. Recently Starbucks have used this app and posted a video content on Instagram which has got 56000 likes till now.

5) Lapse It

A time lapse video is one of the best ways to get the attention of everyone but the time and cost involved in it will always be high. Lapse It an amazing app available on iOS and Android mobile operating system will be able to create amazing lapse videos without spending a lot. All you need to do is find a good location and take pictures with this app, and letting it to create the lapse videos. Use it today and create a powerful video promoting your services.

These five mobile apps will certainly help you as a business owner to create great Instagram videos right from your mobile device.