3 Best Website Builders For Designers

With the ever expanding market of online website builders that has been able to amass millions of active users, it’s not a smart decision for web designers to simply ignore these Do-It-Yourself tools. For every designer who has a grudge on site constructors, there’s another who regards them as lifesaving tools. In recent years, best website builders have released new options specifically with web designers in mind. These options help designers without development experience create and publish professional-looking sites for their clients easier and faster. Below is a short list of sitebuilders that have bought the heart and trust of designers in 2014.


IM Creator

IM Creator is one of the most loved platforms among designers. Though it was originally developed for newbies, it now caters to professionals, too. In addition to their standard plans (Free and Premium), there are special offers for professionals and re-sellers. For instance, IM Creator’s unique White Label solution lets designers custom-brand the platform as their own (using logotypes, company colors and even custom integrations). In fact, you’ll be able to kick off your own website builder based on the IM Creator’s technologies. This will allow you to create a new, stable revenue income.


If you’re not interested in using their White Label solution, you may join thousands of designers who use IM Creator to build websites for their clients without the need to hire developers. Once you’ve finished another website using IM Creator, you can hand it over to your client. He (or she of course) will be able to insert and edit content independently. As a designer, you will also benefit from their recently launched ‘IM Free’ web service which is a curated collection of free photographs, all for commercial use.


Wix website builder provides professionals with full freedom of web design to satisfy their clients in a professional and speedy manner. Because Wix’s templates are in fact almost ready websites, designers don’t have to build each single web page from scratch – all they need is to customize the design as per clients’ needs and integrate required extensions (forum, shopping cart, site search, commenting capabilities, appointment booking etc.). To gain more clients designers are encouraged to join Wix Arena, a place where millions of people are looking for freelance web designers.



Squarespace is loved equally by end users and professionals for its beautiful interface, jaw-dropping designs and also incredibly rich publishing platform. For professional designers, Squarespace offers full code control within their Developer Platform. This means you can create any kind of website. Developer accounts are free and never expire while in development. Designers can spend as much time as they need to build their masterpieces, and pay nothing as they work. Only when their websites go live, they (or their clients) have to upgrade their accounts and pay as little as $16/month.



Fortunately for designers, What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get website builders are equipped with tools and even entire platforms developed with their needs in mind. They help designers create more websites faster without sacrificing quality of the end product.

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